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This is exciting, so far


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Yes Hi again,
I'm new here, must get into the action, clicking around.

Just because I couldn't do it in the previous post (tech prob) here's all of it again. (the content)
Frozen, unnamed author, Jensen Lee...

No Reindeer Can Beat Me
(Sven to the Mountain)

So I say dear friend, does the night always
look proper to them? If I knew better, the world
would say, no winter would be smarter.

The house joke.

Elsa's song to her mum. Aged 8.

So I remember the way, of the rain outside
you showed me the crystal of love
if people grow to know the winter outside
then ice would be how i care
my mother is the one who makes my fingers work
the books she told me were pretty good
but the pans must have water too
darling mum, why are Ms Tess, books so full for me
her stories I just love forever
she works with me after breakfast
then I play outside
Singing in the rain is what i need
Ms Tess told me how the winter can not stop
The hills my family prepare for me are close enough
All the people in the town wonder what i've done
My mother, the hills and winter seem like life
With my power, love is just for you
The crystal is not here, the crystal is not there
Ms Tess says i'll make greater ones one day
If frozen pops was love wouldn't all these crystals know
The rain and future is more than enough
I hope this song makes you glow.

(a spell for the song)
Let It Snow

If time sent me an ice blast
these feelings frozen should always last
good people watch and rub their hands
then light and ice can spark romance
the skies I mean, the air you feel
not much to know, to send an icy chill
some snow, some magic, the water craves
around the path we run and play
but inside I am
on this hot day
My door to winter I do withstand.

Elsa's uncle, Goodhat

Thx, Exere
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