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Trip Report There’s a First Time for Everything - a Disney Babymoon

Hi everyone! After being a trip report lurker for the past year or so, I thought I'd take a shot at my first trip report - if only to help preserve the memories 😊 That's one of the "firsts" referenced in the title.

A little introduction: My name is Jenna, I'm 28 and live in Minnesota. My first Disney trip was over spring break when I was 8 years old with my parents, younger brother, aunt, uncle, and 3 cousins. I, of course, loved it, and always dreamed of going back. Enter my husband, Ethan (E). On our first date, Disney World came up and he told me about how his aunt worked for Disney and she was able to get family members into the parks for free! I'm not saying I married him just for that perk 😉 but it certainly piqued my interest... In 2019 we took our first Disney trip together for our first anniversary/honeymoon and we just knew that Disney would be "our" place (and yes we were able to take advantage of his aunt's passes before she retired this year!)

E and I in 2019

Fast forward to 2021, and we are expecting our first baby! With whispers of vaccines coming and the world opening up again, we decided to take a babymoon trip. We tried to come up with more "relaxing" locations to go, but Disney just kept popping up, so after reading lots of blogs about going to Disney World while pregnant, we decided to bite the bullet and booked our Disney Babymoon - which also coincided with our third anniversary! We decided on only going to Magic Kingdom and Epcot, since there is not a whole lot I could do at Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios (and I sure as sugar wasn't going to let Ethan experience ROTR or Smuggler's Run for the first time with out me 😂).

Here are our trip details:
When: April 25th - May 1st, 2021
Who: Me and E (and baby BB!)
Where: The Grand Orlando Resort at Celebration

P.S. Stay tuned for our "baby mouse's" gender reveal at Magic Kingdom!


Original Poster
Day 2: April 26th

One of the things I regret about our last trip is that we barely spent time at Disney Springs. We had dinner at Enzo's Hideaway, walked around a little, and left. So I wanted to be sure to dedicate a day here this time, and since we only have 2 park days, it worked out perfectly! I think this counts as another first - our first time really exploring Disney Springs

We "slept in" until about 8 - which for us is really late! We took our time eating breakfast in the room and getting ready before calling an Uber to go to Disney Springs. Our driver was also a cast member, and when she dropped us off she said, "Have a magical day!" before laughing and apologizing. I told her not to be sorry, we're here for Disney!

After making it through temperature checks and security, we had to stop right away for a (maskless!) selfie. I was excited that Disney started allowing masks to be removed for outdoor photos right before our trip! As you'll see though, we often forgot we were wearing masks and forgot to take them off for photos! They apparently don't bother us that much.



We headed into DisneyStyle first, followed by the Star Wars Galactic Outpost. E was like a kid in a candy Star Wars toy store haha. He had to try out all the lightsabers and anything else he could find that makes noise. I suppose this is just good practice, huh? After convincing my adult husband that he didn't need a lightsaber, we went next door... to the Marvel Super Hero Headquarters - which of course was about the same experience 😂 We had fun browsing around, and as I was looking at the Guardians of the Galaxy tape cassette ornaments, some high school-aged boys next to us very seriously informed me, "They don't really play music though." 😂

Our next stop was Everglazed for a "snack" (*ahem* lunch). Ethan got some sort of strawberry creation. The blueberry cake donut was calling my name but I felt like I should get something a little more fun, so I opted for the Fruity Pebbles donut. Both exceeded expectations! I thought the Fruity Pebbles would be way too sweet for me, but it actually balanced well with the donut itself.


We sat down at their outdoor patio to eat, and I had to take pictures in front of this cute boxwood wall. For some reason, these turned out SUPER vibrant so I did my best to edit them down to normal colors 🤷🏻‍♀️


We kept walking along until we stumbled upon Gideon's Bakehouse. E's not big into social media so he was perplexed at joining a virtual waitlist just to get in... to buy cookies? I told him it was an experience, we just have to do it. We joined the 80 minute waitlist and continued walking.

I wanted to make sure to get to World of Disney so that's where we went next. I'm sure it's always like this but it was PACKED for a Monday in the middle of the day! We had a hard time just making our way around without running into people. I wanted to get something for BB, but they had a surprisingly small selection of baby gear. They could have gotten so much (more) money out of me! While agonizing over a bib, I got the text that we could return to Gideon's. It was only a 35 minute wait, not 80 like they told us! We elbowed our way out of World of Disney (empty-handed) and backtracked to Gideon's Bakehouse.

We checked in and were handed a menu to peruse during the short outdoor line. We were still full from the donuts so we decided to just split a chocolate chip cookie, since they're half a pound each! E also got himself a vanilla nitro cold brew. The inside of Gideon's was so cool, I wish it was bigger and had room to sit. There was so much to look at, but we barely had time during our few minutes before ordering! We took our treats and sat down next to the Amphicar launch in two chairs shaded by some trees. The cookie was good, but not life-changing - I definitely wouldn't have waited in line for an extra 35 minutes for it! Honestly, I make AMAZING chocolate chip cookies so our bar is pretty high. E even said, "It's good, but not as good as yours." I didn't even have to pay him!😉 The nitro cold brew, however, was GREAT - even with my coffee aversion. We will probably wait in the virtual queue just for two cold brews next time.

All we could finish of the cookie

We sat for about an hour, maybe more, just people- and Amphicar- and bird-watching. We knew we'd be taking it slower on this trip since I'd need more breaks and I definitely needed that one. We continued walking along back toward World of Disney, and we stopped to look at all the LEGO sculptures. We weren't planning on going in the LEGO Store but we figured "why not?" and got in line. There were probably 20 parties in front of us, but we waited less than 5 minutes until we were inside. I took about 100 Instagram stories and we methodically made our way around the store so we didn't miss anything. We joked we should add this Mickey and Minnie set to our registry - for the nursery! I mean, it's only $180 😉


Continuing on, we stopped in the Marketplace Co-Op building and got sucked right in to the Disney Tails section. We have two sweet kitties at home who I'd been meaning to buy collars for so I figured why not get them Disney collars?! I immediately fell in love with the most ridiculous, amazing collar I've ever seen - pink with princess icons all around it, and pink ribbon ruffles around each edge. But they only had dog collars - no cat collars! I checked online and they were completely sold out. I asked the cast member working there and she checked if they had any in back but no cigar. I was so bummed but settled for a pair of collars with Mickey-shaped bells - one blue and one purple.

We were slowly making our way towards Days of Christmas but made a detour into Art of Disney. There was an artist drawing Eric and Ariel which was neat to watch. We loved wandering around taking in all the different art styles. We continued through to "Disney's Wonderful World of Memories" which is connected to Art of Disney. We nearly missed it and would have skipped it entirely if we hadn't been in Art of Disney first. And THANK GOODNESS we ended up in there, because guess what I found - THE PINK PRINCESS CAT COLLAR! Y'all, I have never been more excited to find an item in a store in my life. I bounced up to the counter to exchange the blue collar for the princess collar and I couldn't stop bouncing the entire time. I'm sure E was so embarrassed but I physically couldn't contain my delight.


Princess collar in hand, we strolled across the way to Days of Christmas. I just adore this store. I'm a Christmas lover through and through, and we buy an ornament on every trip we go on. Now that we're a few years into marriage, it's fun to reminisce as we decorate the tree each year. The only problem is... there are SO many to choose from! I could spend hours agonizing over the decision, and while E tries to help me, I become paralyzed with indecision - doesn't he know that the world will end if I don't pick the exact right ornament?? I felt even more pressure since it was our babymoon AND anniversary. Do you see where this is heading? We left without an ornament 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 I figured we still had two park days and a few more free days, so I had plenty of time and opportunity to find and choose the *perfect* Christmas ornament that would *perfectly* encompass our trip.

By this time it was 4:30 and I was STARVING. We had 6pm reservations at Wolfgang Puck's, so I told E we either need to go there (very) early and see if they'll seat us or go somewhere else to grab a snack. He was hungry too and figured we might as well get dinner if we were going to eat. We headed up to the host stand and they were able to seat us right away (because who eats dinner at 4:30pm??) We started out with the truffle potato chips which is the reason I had made reservations here in the first place. They did not disappoint! E got a Lilly Belle (gin, aperol, sparkling rosé, lemon) and after sadly gazing at all the amazing cocktail choices, I ordered a raspberry lemonade. For dinner, I ordered the grilled prime burger (well done of course) and E got the roasted bluehouse salmon. Normally we'd probably order what the other had, but red meat has been my number one craving during pregnancy, and E has missed salmon - I haven't wanted to risk the smell making me even more sick! We both really enjoyed our meals! We passed on dessert because the only goal I had for this trip was to eat as much Dole Whip as possible. So we left the restaurant and headed to Marketplace Snacks.

We decided to split the Mrs. Incredible float, which was strawberry and lemon Dole Whip in black cherry lemonade. It was ok, just not as good as regular Dole Whip in our opinions! It sure was cute though!


After sitting and enjoying some live music with our float, we decided to check out the Skyliner. Since I wanted to explore the Riviera as well, we hopped on a bus and take the Skyliner from there. I was especially excited to see the mosaics in person since I had seen photos and videos! They were so beautiful!


We hopped on the Skyliner to Epcot. I didn’t get a photo but we were able to see the Gusteau’s sign in France which was neat because that section of France wasn’t open yet. We took the Skyliner back to the Riviera, and intended to go to Hollywood Studios as well but at the Caribbean Beach hub we were informed it was a half hour wait to come back! So we called an Uber and headed back to our hotel to rest up for Epcot the next day.

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