Trip Report The Tuvalu Chronicles ~ Chapter 25 *COMPLETED*


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Want a rubbish trip home, do you guys get compensation? Here in the UK most of our airlines have to compensate anything over a 4 hour delay.
Nope, no compensation. The airlines would probably be bankrupt if they were required to pay for weather delays and ground stops.

I am looking forward to the next one, the question is will there be a live part?? :cautious:
There *might* be some live updates.

Great TR as always!!! Wishing you safe driving travels on Saturday!! Looking forward to hearing about this next trip!😉

Are you planning on being at any park Saturday?
MK but not until late.


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MK but not until late.

I think that is where we will be most of the day but not sure how long we will be there. With little ones and a drive back home we might be leaving about flag ceremony time.

I'm wondering what it will be like in the morning with College Gameday there.


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It's so frustrating when you get to the airport only to find out your flight is delayed.:rolleyes: Flying these days is certainly no joy especially when you could have driven there pretty easily. Looking forward to finishing up this TR and hearing about your trip that you're leaving for on Saturday!!! Safe travel.
Woody has always hated airline travel. I now understand why!

Really enjoyed reading your trip report!
So kind of you to follow along. :bookworm:


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(It was 95 degrees out and that sandwich wasn’t going to remain in the “safety zone” for consumption much longer....:hungover:)
....and a last look back.
I hate that....I purposely didn't do it the other day....
Thankfully Tragical pick-ups are scheduled approximately every 30 minutes. Another bus would be coming. But there was the risk we would not be allowed to board.
Did they allow you to board with the original paperwork? When I knew I was going to miss mine they put me through the ringer & told me I had to have the resort print me a new paper if I wanted to go on the next one.

Great TR as always!! Have a great time on the next one!!:D


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I love your TR!
Took a bit to catch up as my oldest and I did a last minute, long weekend unexpected bonus trip this past weekend (short version: hubs oldest DD had a convention at Grand Floridian that her work paid for room-she'd invited us a while ago but hubs stubborn and work busy-so my oldest and I went-free room, and thanks to my DD DCP connections-free tickets, cheap air with Frontier and voila!)
It was no surprise Em picked Peter Pan first. As we walked the queue I was glad to see that the wads of dollar bills had been removed from the toy cabinet. I never understood the reasoning for sticking money here. I guess it only took one or two people for it to become “a thing”. 🙄
Love PP! I, too, don't get the junking up of the queue! FoP this past Sunday had all kinds of crap stuffed in the glass in the lab area!
I wanted to tell her I understood. Once upon a time I too had a stubborn six year old son.....and as hard as it was, I’d go back in time and live through it again.....cause kids grow up way too fast.
Sweet story! Got to take 4 year old grandson to Mickeys halloween party last Friday-we rode this 2x in a row! and probably would have spent the night on it but there was a treat station set up at exit the 2nd time-convinced him it was time to get candy (Hey-grandma's privilege right?). He also laughed like a maniac on tea cups as we spun-refused to go low on Dumbo, and was so excited to ride BTMRR for the first time-in the dark! Kid is a thrill seeker...although he wasn't too thrilled with HM (where IS that camera anyway??)
She now has a trip planned during FARTS
Yay!! Will that one be live too?

Safe travels driving!!
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