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Even before this season started, when MEW posted that teaser about the All Stars working on an epic version of Toon Town and including non-Disney characters, one image has stood in my head as something that simply MUST make its way into that particular project...Droopy as a Tower of Terror bell-hop beckoning us aboard with a cautious "going up, sir?" It was the perfect starting point for what turned out to be a really fun, really original vision of the Tower of Terror. What I like so much about the idea of a Tower of Terror in Toon Town is that it's something that you wouldn't expect to find in Toon Town (a land that has for the last couple decades had a nasty reputation as a "kiddy" area) and also not something you'd expect to see a Tower of Terror themed after (when usually, ToTs are realistic to an extent and focus on ghosts and the twilight zone for their themes)...And have to think, it really is a pretty great marriage when it comes down to it. The idea of a large tower filled with crazy, unpredictable happenings inside. You don't know EXACTLY what's inside, all you know is that people are screaming their lungs out and crazy sounds are coming out of the tower from all directions. I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty "Toon Town" to me. And thus, with the Droopy bell-hop as kind of our starting point, the Toon Town Tower Hotel was born.



The Toon Town Tower will have a blue/pink/purple color tone going all the way up the tower. Near the top of the tower, of course, is the "Toon Town Tower Hotel" lettering. This lettering, however, more resembles multi-colored magnets on a fridge, though they are still fully functioning neon lights just like any Tower signage. Of course, some of the letters will be backwards, and might even be missing a couple letters here and there. As you get closer and closer to the tower, you can hear all the strange and goofy noises that are coming off from inside the tower (the sound effects will be turned up extra loud in the ride to achieve this specific effect) It's obvious that this is, first and foremost, a hotel for TOONS. Humans enter at their own risk. Essentially, the entrance to the Toon Town Tower really isn't all that different from the entrance to the DCA Tower, and the two of them have similar formations. There will be a Fastpass area off to the side (disguised as a luggage terminal), and just the tower sitting there, right inside of lavish black gates similar to DCA, except, like everything else...more...well, "Toony". You walk up to the entrance of the tower, check the wait times, and decide to just hit the stand-by line. After about 10 minutes of curving outside the building, you enter the hotel's lobby.

The Lobby

Upon entering the lobby, you can tell that it's CLEARLY filthy. In fact, this time around it is made ABUNDANTLY clear. There are cobwebs ALL OVER the lobby to the point of self-parody. In addition to cobwebs, you can see graffiti, broken chairs, and basically any sort of destruction you can think of present in this filthy mess of a room. As you round a corner to go into a library, you see a shadow of Granny frantically dusting off cobwebs and complaining about the awful state of the hotel.

The Library

As you enter the library, you take notice of all the many books on the shelf. Actually...because there's no film in this library (I kind of wanted to keep the contents of the actual tower a mystery in the queue and not lay the story out with a long prologue) the room itself will be a bit longer and will actually have you winding through a rather large library instead of just cramming into a small room to listen to Rod Serling talk for two minutes. Anyways, there's not really much to this scene, except EVERY book on the shelf will have some kind of self-referential humor to its title and it will be a really fun room for people who like to spot little details like that.

The Boiler Room

Going across the library, we then see the service elevator, which is over the top completely barricaded off, with police tape, boards and nails, the works. Obviously someone DOESN'T want us using the service elevator. So we round the corner and go into the boiler room to take the maintenance elevator up to our rooms...or wherever the hell we might be going. The boiler room is actually quiet similar, in terms of layout AND details, to any classic Boiler Room. The only difference is that, while usually the furnaces in this room only give off a slight creepy vibe that they have faces, these things full on are living, breathing Toon furnaces. Some of them talk to each other, a couple are sick and throw up embers, but they're all characters. There's about five of them in total throughout the boiler room. Anyways, the BR is set up as usual with three elevators loading on the first floor and three on the second floor.

Going up, Sir?

As you wait for your elevator to arrive, you notice the finger pointer indicating the number of floors above the elevator doorway. The counter on the floors is normal through the first nine, but from there on out, well...just look at the picture


As the pointer starts coming down from the astronomically high top floor, you notice it starts to wobble. About midway through the long stretch of numbers, suddenly you hear a loud...*snap* from inside the elevator shaft and the elevator comes crashing down. As it crashes, you hear a bunch of noises of cartoon violence, afterward, you hear a *ding*, and the doors of the elevator slide open, emitting a light green fog/mist (think HM boarding area). You see that Droopy is your personal bell hop (this time present in the actual ride cabin as an on-board AA similar to Rex). After a quick bout of coughing, the dog promptly asks in his usual somber, depressed tone..."Going up, sir?" With that, you are admitted into the elevator for a ride into a hotel for Toons that you won't soon forget. As for the actual elevator shafts? Don't worry, they're basically identical to the ones we've become familiar with, except these shafts are COVERED with Toon graffiti. ("For a good time, call Allison Wonderland" stuff like that...) Moving on...So here's the basic layout of how each ride will go down. There's nine floors with show scenes in each elevator shaft. The scenes are sorted into three categories, "silly", which means the scenes are simply meant to be an enjoyable upbeat laugh, "story", which means the details of these scenes connect the dots to the actual plot line of the hotel (which will be gone over at the end of the project), and "homage" which means those scenes will essentially be playing tribute to specific subjects. Each time guests ride, they will experience ONE silly scene, ONE story scene, and ONE homage scene, in random order, followed by a drop sequence. This way, you will have to ride the ride A LOT of times in order to experience ALL the insanity that this hotel has to offer. And even when you do see all the show scenes, they're pretty much ALWAYS going to be in a random order, so it is pretty much 100% a new ride every time. Oh yeah, and midway through the ride (between the second and third show scenes) there's a flash of lightining, a burst of green fog, and Droopy disappears from the elevator. Don't worry, he'll be back.

One last note has to be made regarding the nature of the show scenes. I want to have as many physical sets within the tower as possible. There will be some projection animation showing some of the more elaborate effects, but most of the time, I want to try to keep it as PHYSICAL, yet cartoony, as possible. I've always believed that SCREENS are always, essentially, "lazy Imagineering" *shoots darting glance in Midway Mania's direction* so having said that, I want to rely on that kind of stuff as little as possible, while there will still be SOME implications where it will have to be used. Anyways, now that all the logistics are out of the way, why don't you say we actually tour this wacked out hotel!

"Silly" scenes

The three "silly" scenes are a close encounter with Gennie during one of his more...private moments, a fake-out involving a Jessica Rabbit, erm...kind of look-alike, similar to the movie, and a "Holy CRAP, we went WAAAY too high" scene with the Jetsons as a backdrop. We'll start with the Genie. The doors open up, and you see a large lamp just sitting in an empty closet like room. Steam is pouring out of the spout, and you can hear a water fountain. As you move closer to the lamp, an animation of Genie is projected onto the front. He is taking a shower and singing to himself. As you inch your way closer to him, the elevator accidently slightly moves the lamp, and Genie looks straight in our direction. After a couple seconds of shock, he then screams..."AAAAAAAH!!! A MAN!!!!" and proceeds to close the "curtain" of his lamp. The doors close, and we go to the next floor.

The Jessica fake out starts with the doors opening revealing Jessica Rabbit's silhouette against a wall. The elevator moves forward towards this alluring figure, but before long the shadow turns around and you find out that in reality, this silhouette belongs to a HIDEOUSLY grotesque Toon. The only problem is...she has the hots for you. She looks at you with beaming eyes and loudly exclaims "MY MAN!!" before rushing towards the elevator with exaggerated, terrifying kissy-lips. The doors close just as she is about to reach the elevator. Obviously this scene is based around the moment in the film where the same thing happens to Eddie.

The Jetsons scene begins with an extended climb up the tower (this scene is located on the very top floor of all shafts) The doors open, revealing the futuristic sky-city that the Jetsons inhabit. You see George Jetson in the background, going around in his hover-car (or whatever it is) and dropping off his family, who all fly down to their various locations. This scene is a mix of miniatures (the future city) and projections (the Jetsons and their ship/pods). Anyways, as I said before, the point of this scene is that you've OBVIOUSLY climbed too far up, so, with a cartoony sign that pops up reading "...Whoops!", the doors close and you drop down.

"Story" scenes

The three story scenes are a Scooby Doo send up in a hallway (with some details regarding the actual story), a trip into another dimension (which brings to light the nature of the hotel), and a battle between hotel staff and the unruly Toon guests of the top floors with a few DIP guns involved. The Scooby Doo scene starts with the doors opening themselves up to a long hallway with, of course, multiple doors on either side. You see a classic Scooby Doo monster messing with the elevator on the other side of the room. He turns around, notices you, and proceeds to hulk towards your elevator. Suddenly, you hear loud footsteps and Fred yelling "Hurry gang, I saw him go into this Hallway", and with that, the monster goes into a room, the Scooby gang pops up and looks around, going into another room, and from there it's the classic Scooby scenario of always JUST missing the monster for another couple passes before the door closes and you are on your way.

The DIP scene starts with a bunch of un-ruly Toons having a food fight in the hotel's banquet hall. The Weasels then crash through the ceiling, wielding guns that contain DIP. The weasels, by the way, are all dressed up as hotel security. Anyways, basically what ensues is a fight between the Toons and the Weasels, with a couple Toons being "DIP'd" in the process. In the midst of this conflict, a weasel notices your elevator and aims a DIP gun directly at us before the doors close.

The last scene opens with what appears to be just a standard mirror. The now classic DCA mirror effect is done, but then, an even more high tech effect is created. All your reflections, when the lighting flashes, don't get turned into ghosts, but rather Toon like projections. The glass of the large mirror then lowers, unknown to guests because as it does green mist starts POURING into the elevator, and in a very creepy effect the elevator actually seems to move through the mirror. Once "through the looking glass", you see that this "mirror" world is just completely backwards. Nothing is where it's supposed to be (think Alice's upside down room, but more extreme and not just stuff on the ceiling) you also see that this mirror world is inhabited by obscure, "forgotten" characters such as Oswald. Another gulp of green fog starts filling the elevator, and after another flash, the elevator moves backwards, revealing the mirror, right back in its original state. You are meant to be left with a "What the hell was THAT?" impression.

"Homage" scenes

Finally, the three homage scenes pay respect to the Peanuts, black and white animation, and the Disney Villains, respectively. The Peanuts scene takes place in the same hallway as the Scooby Doo scene, except this time, it's just the Peanuts gang, in their now iconic Halloween costumes, going room to room trick-or-treating. After one room, the famous "I got a rock" exchange takes place. As this is happening, and as Lucy begins calling Linus a block-head for mentioning the Great Pumpkin, green smoke starts to form behind them, and the actual Great Pumpkin rises up, except this one takes on a scary appearance and has sharp teeth and stuff like that. The gang turns around, sees this, and screams. Then, the whole contraption falls apart, and you see Snoopy from up above, literally pulling the strings. All he does is chuckle, and the doors close.

The "Black and White" floor basically consists of a big argument between Olive Oil and Betty Boop, with Pop-Eye in the middle. I've had this idea in my head for a while now, the two girls fighting over Pop Eye, simply because Pop Eye started life as a random character who came in and danced with Betty during one of her shorts, and then appeared in a series of his own with a new girl. What happened between Pop Eye and Betty? Anyways, as the two are arguing, a large "sheet ghost" with red eyes and sharp teeth appears behind them. The three of them turn around and scream, as the sheet lowers to the ground and you see it's actually Casper playing around. "Gotcha" he laughs, as the doors once again close.

Finally, the Villain Room is an all out party in the hotel's event hall. Basically, it's a Villain Convention, and every villain in existence is there. They are all just partying it up. Now...I don't know how appropriate the idea of intoxicated Disney villains are to a family audience, but I think the idea of a drunk Jafar in particular sounds absolutely hilarious. Anyways, this is a rather large room with A LOT of sight gags and details. I can't really describe it, it's more of have to get the general idea. Big party, lots of villains, MAYBE some intoxication, and lots of hilarity.

And I Would Have Gotten Away With it, Too...

Well, those are the show scenes. Remember, you experience three of them randomly, one from each set. After the second scene, lightning flashes and Droopy disappears from your elevator. What happened to Droopy you asked? Well, after the drop sequence, your elevator promptly lands at the bottom floor, and you hear a loud exasperated grunt of pain. the elevator backs up, and you see you have hit Droopy, whose head is pocking out from the classic Scooby Doo monster costume seen tinkering with the elevator in the Hallway scene. Droopy is all tied up in elevator rope, his mask clearly fallen off in the impact. "And I would of gotten away with it, too. If it weren't for you meddling tourists..." he remarks as you exit the elevator.

Now, you might be wondering, exactly what was Droopy trying to "get away with". Well...a big theme of this tower is the running story of the Toons living on the high levels being basically a bunch of vandalizing delinquents. These Toons are actually vandalizing the place because they are "forgotten toons", and Doom has placed them all under house arrest in the tower because they are Toons the public wouldn't be interested in seeing now that Toon Town is open to humans. So, naturally, the high level Toons fight back. Droopy, meanwhile, is just a pitiful bell-hop, miserable as ever. I was thinking, how is it exactly that Droopy takes ALL the crap he takes and never once snaps. Well...what if he decided to join with the Toons on the top floor. Droopy, being a small, depressed dog, doesn't have much in terms of contributions, but he DOES have an entire system of elevators at his disposal being the hotel's chief bell hop. So, he devices a plan to rig the elevators to journey into secret floors and have all kinds of special hiding places and what not for the forgotten Toons to wreck their havoc on the hotel, as they clearly do as seen in the Lobby. Droopy also has to keep up with appearances, however, so he has to still do his job. Unfortunately...through all the incessant rigging he has done to the elevators, the ride up the tower proves to be...unpredictable. And that is the basic story, and overall walk through of our Toon Town Tower Hotel. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.


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I would love it if one of the big dogs got WB. They are being squandered at just Six Flags, where they usually just slap a sticker on things.


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This would actually be perfect in a revitalized Roger Rabbit section, like they originally intended at Hollywood Studios. If they can get El Cheapo (Spielberg) to allow them to use the characters.

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