The Simulator Family (Crack AU)

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This is an AU family composed of characters from simulator rides.

Boba Fett - From Star Tours: The Adventures Continue. Boba is a reckless, sometimes ruthless noble soul with quite an ego. He thinks himself as the "head of the house." However, he is in a stable functioning relationship with his wife.
Regina Hart - From Body Wars (she's the patient we go inside, as judged by what little we can see of them during the beginning. The end looks like a man, though.) Boba's wife and a loyal one, at that. She's depressed from years of abuse, and having been used by MET (more on that later!) She finds comfort in her family, and eventually, stops drinking because of them. She is learning the ways of a bounty hunter from her husband.
Rex - From Star Tours. Boba and Regina's child, and a curious, naïve young droid. He may be incompetent at times, but don't let that fool you: he is a bright soul who always learns from his mistakes and improves as a person. He is autistic.

I was thinking of having an animal from Flight of Passage being their pet, but I don't know any animals from the Avatar series. Their Sitcom Arch-Nemesis are the Universal simulator characters (the Minions, Jimmy Neutron, Optimus Prime, and yes... even Yogi Bear. Poor Yogi.) And forget about that lady from Futuroscope's Virus Attack (even though she has a similar story to Regina's, and they eventually become friends.)

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