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The Light Parade rumors start again

Lands of Wonder

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The first rumor blog pretty much makes this parade sound like a Frankenstein Spectromagic with probably half of what it was. If where lucky I’d assume it’s going to me MSEP again. Putting a bunch of units together like the first article seems so false unless where getting leftovers from Fantillusion and Dreamlights and by some miracle there’s some Spectromagic left over. The second article shows a design that could be a clavicade unit since it’s showing quite a few things going on with those images. I think this greatest hits show There mentioning if it’s really going to happen is going to be a new Nighttime show for sure but a replacement for Happily Ever after using some songs from older shows in the parks, wouldn’t mind seeing some 10 inch shells blowing up to the Spectromagic theme. I’d like to see a new light parade with a ground rattling score again but my hopes arrant up to this one. I don’t know anything about these sources as it is.

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