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The "House of Magic" shop at Magic Kingdom


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Whooohoooo!! Really never expected to see the day...

House of Magic YesterEars T-Shirt and Magic Band! Thank you Richard! Just bought 'em both.


This was the first stop every visit for my older brother and I followed by some time in the Penny Arcade. It used to drive our Dad up a wall that he'd give us spending money for a souvenir and we'd buy magic tricks that said nothing about Disney on them every time. If they'd bring back the real shop and the Penny Arcade, my return to childhood might be complete.


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I thought only the limited release House of Magic MagicBand glowed in the dark...but I just noticed that the House of Magic T-shirts glow in the dark too..AWESOME.

Because they were limited release, they're no longer on shopdisney.com. But I wonder...are they still available at the Magic Kingdom in the newly redone House of Magic / Emporium? Hopefully they are, as it wouldn't make sense for them to only have them available for such a short period of time.


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Wow I remember I had a shrunken skull witch head that glowed in the dark from the original store. Also lots of fun magic tricks. Wow what a store it was. I do wish they could theme each section of the emporium a bit more to allow for some unique experiences. I know they need traffic flow. It could be done. This is what Disney is so good at.

Now to the basement to look for that head!
I finally remembered to take a pic of the skull!

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