The Haunted Mansion story game


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"Silence" Leota yelled "There shall be no négociation here. You will be taking both Monsieur Murphy and 2000 on your quest. Derrière toi, there is a window that will take you to the Shaft of the Spooks, since it's a long way down without any floor for you mortals to stand on, 69 stories to be exact, you will need to use the rope that one of our former guests left behind, so you can climb down."

Karen looked behind her, there indeed was a window. She opened the window, and saw what looked similar to an endless, giant elevator shaft but with windows on every wall every few feet down there were windows, most with signs of wear and tear. And there indeed looked to be a rope for them to climb down. This must've been the yin to the Corridor of doors yang, Karen thought. She ordered TP2000 and Eddie Murphy to climb down the rope with her.

An hour later, the team had still not seen the bottom of the tower. They were all starting to get tired... both physically and of TP2000's martini recipes. Karen had always wanted to climb the largest mountains in the world with Mike, but she was starting to regret that dream. A window suddenly opened and out came a green Frankenstein-like monster.

Eddie screamed "Kill it with fire, otherwise it'll kill us! Or better yet just climb down this rope even quicker!" The creature replied: "I do not want to hurt you all, my name is Herman Munster. Stop climbin' that noose andcome in." The whole team came through the window of what looked like a hotel bedroom.

"Ever since I came here on vacation, there's been so may weird people who have been climbing outside my bedroom window who have all been challenged by my old friend, Leota, to get something for her. The most normal person, I've talked to was climbing up and was in a bat suit with his costumed kid looking for a person named the Scarecrow who works in an abandoned rubber spider factory. Brings people nightmares during the day, sounds like a nice guy. Told him that the factory was on the other side of town and he went on his way."

Herman continued "What can I do for all you today, what did Leota ask for today, Jack the Ripper's knife? Master Gracey's arsenic?"A new Toaster?"
Karen shyly spoke "Well we need the bri-"
The floor of the room started to shake.
Then suddenly...


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The floor opened up and they fell down, down, down. Curiously they seemed to be slowing down as they fell. Furniture was suspended in mid air. Karen even sat for a time in a floating rocking chair. There was a picture of a white rabbit. Finally they ended up at the bottom. Everything in the room was upside down. Karen said, "What is with this crazy place?" They saw a door. The doorknob and keyhole formed a face. The door said, "Are you looking for the Bride's ring? Well, ha ha. Come have a look around." The door opened to what looked like a forest. As they climbed up and went through the door they saw....
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