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The Haunted Mansion Death Certificate


<<We waited on the honeymoon, because my husband had just graduated from The Citadel and started a job, and I had just started an internship. So we really couldn't get away. But this trip will be a much needed vacation after this semester...I'm taking 19 semester hours (6 classes plus a lab) and working 20 hr/wk. But it's all good...I'm graduating in May and I'm only taking 14 semester hours in the Spring. >>

Isn't that the best feeling? I'm killing myself with 18 credits now, plus all the hours I logged in this summer. But it makes me feel better knowing that in January I'll be in Disney, and then when I come back I only need 12 credits then graduation in May! It's a good thing knowing you can relax the final semester.
Congrats on your wedding!!



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Originally posted by Mattore
So does anyone know what happens if you actually do bring that certificate to the HM?

They look at you funny..roll their eyes..and make u get on or off the ride...

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