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The DC Comics Film Thread


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I decided to have one set thread for everything DC Films related so here we go

GOTHAM CITY SIRENS: Bryce Dallas Howard Seemingly Interested In Poison Ivy Role

2019 Could Feature The Release Of As Many As Six BATMAN Themed Live-Action And Animated Movies

Dolph Lundgren Joins Aquaman as King Nereus
Read more at http://www.comingsoon.net/movies/ne...ns-aquaman-as-king-nereus#O1CZctmqDEhSgFKs.99

Princess Leia

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Oh I hope 2019 does not have 4 Batman films in theaters. Nooooo. Maybe 2, but 4 is overkill and Ben Affleck would probably lose his sanity. I'd be okay with Gotham City Sirens (Harley Quinn was one of very few things that was good about Suicide Squad) and Batgirl, or Batgirl and The Batman, but that's it.

2019 has the following superhero films coming out:
  • Untitled X-Men movie- February (techincally it's 'Untitled Fox/Marvel Film', but we all know that it's going to be X-Men)
  • Captain Marvel- March
  • Shazam!- April
  • Avengers 4- May
  • DCEU film- June
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming 2- July
  • DCEU- November
Warner Brothers also has 2 'Untitled Event Film's in August and September, and I wouldn't be surprised if Disney Marvel added a film for the fall (though Disney has two untitled live action films coming out in November and December, and an animated film in November).

Princess Leia

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Wonder Woman is projected to bring in over $100M domestically this weekend. I'm on vacation, so I probably won't get to see it for another week, but I'm looking forward to it.

The great reviews and the record breaking box office (highest opening weekend for a female director) should be sending signals to Disney to not only pour as many resources as they can into Captain Marvel (and 'Ant-Man and the Wasp'), but to create an actual contract for ScarJo that would include a Black Widow film.
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Wonder Woman is the highest grossing WW1 film!

(Although, if you adjust for inflation, she'd need to take in $500 million to take the adjusted spot.)


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Coming from quite possibly the least interested person in Superhero movies, I saw WW last night and it was fantastic.

I was thinking about it yesterday, and I think that was the first superhero movie I had seen since the Dark Knight in 2008.

Princess Leia

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Just saw Wonder Woman, and I AM SO PUMPED UP RIGHT NOW!!!!! :eek::inlove::happy:

I went in with high expectations (everyone I know who saw it loved it, and it's gotten rave reviews), but every bar I had set was overcome. Man do I feel good right now. I am so happy, that film was almost perfect (unfortunately the Ares reveal had been spoiled by casting announcements months ago, and I thought his actor was a little clunky post reveal, even though I'm otherwise a fan).

Gal Gadot was spectacular. I cannot get over how good she was in that role. Also, her chemistry with Chris Pine was impeccable.
He'll be back. Movies bring back characters from the dead all the time. Like Superman (I didn't see BvS, but Suicide Squad sort of spoiled his death, plus there's all of the talk of a third Superman). Superman will come back, and so will Steve Trevor. A Wonder Woman technically wouldn't need him there, but that chemistry is too good to waste.

I am a huge MCU fan, but I would rank this film higher than half of the films in that series. Maybe over 2/3rds of the MCU films (which means it's way better than the 3 other DCEU movies). Wonder Woman was top notch entertainment.


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Saw WW, and it was kinda boring with a messy third act. Still the best DCEU movie to date. Chris Pine carried the movie. That's being said it was a good effort by the studio. Both daughters thought it was ok.

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