The Boys (Amazon Prime)


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Has anyone seen this? I keep seeing ads for it on YouTube and Twitch and was wondering if it's actually any good.


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It's pretty good. Plays a lot on the superhero tropes and what if the Justice League went all corporate... and corrupt.

Princess Leia

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Definitely not one to watch with kids around. Lots of language, sex and violence.

But I thought it was pretty good, definitely kept me captivated. Interested to see what Season 2 brings.


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I thought it was pretty good aside me understanding every few words Butcher said haha! Now that everything is set up it will be interesting how Season 2 plays out! Give it a go!


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caught the first 2 episodes last night. not bad. definitely a different spin on the super hero saga.


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I read the first issue of the comic years ago when it first came out and was not impressed enough to continue reading further. The show has a lot of heart that the comic lacked (at least the first issue) and I really enjoyed it.


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just finished tonight’s episode, & wow!!! overall season 2 took a darker tone, but managed to have a sense of humor. too bad it’s only 8 episodes.

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