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Thank you First Aid at Epcot


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I'm here at at the hotel waiting to go to Magic Kingdom and would like to express my gratitude to the kind CM and RN yesterday. I had a door at the Character Spot slam back into my left hand yesterday as I went to grab it to keep it from closing up on me. Yes, it was agony and I thought I was going to cry but I staunced the tears, since I was not going to let my four year old who was scared when it happened, be more upset. When I got my self to try and bend it, it was already swelling and I knew it needed ice. I debated on what to do before deciding it needed attention. I was able to get a cast member's attention and I told her what had happened. Then I did almost cry. She took me right away to first aid leaving my husband to get pictures with my daughter, who distracted me by talking about where we were from. Thank you Becky for your prompt attention and getting me seen to. The nursed at first aid at Epcot was kind and gave my a blissful ice pack, treated my small cuts and two Advil. I am grateful to both of you for my hand being looked after and hope the door never slams into any other guest, esp. a child. I'm much better today and now off to Mk. Thanks for reading and have a great day


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The CMs are awesome! My son had an asthma attack as we got to our resort SSR. I had to hook up the nebulizer machine ( had I not, my son would have had to go to the hospital). Our room wasn't ready yet, but as soon as my son was done his treatment in the lobby thanks to wonderful and caring CMs, our room was ready ( about 10 minutes). So the CMs are just the greatest!:D

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