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Test Track Pressing Machine


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After exiting your vehicle in Test Track (and after looking at the silly picture of yourself in the car), there is a large "machine" on your right hand side, which "presses" some sort of car part along a conveyer belt, repetitively.

I can't seem to figure out exactly where the "finished" parts are coming from. I mean, I'm pretty sure they come up from underneath, and my guess is that the flat "metal" sheets flip up-side-down, revealing the shaped object. (Like turning a coin from heads up to tails up.) But I'm not 100* sure.

Can anyone confirm this?



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I never really noticed things going in and out of that thing (I do know what you're talking about). I remember it as being a movie of the stuff coming in, and than the machine would press, and then the movie would show it coming out. I could be wrong, buth this is how I remember it.


Well last time I was there It was kinda out of sync for the better half of the day. its pretty simple if I remember correctly it presses a flat sheet into a molded part then slides it away and another flat sheet comes up. What is really happening is just that when the molded sheet moves away the pressing element comes down, when that happens it slides back forward rather quickly putting the already molded sheet back underneath the machine again.

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