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Test track closed?


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Epcot is showing it's Thirty-Something age...
Spaceship Earth is having leaking issues..
Test Track has a major problem
And Figment....He farts on people..
Dark days ahead of the park that shows the future folks..
Figment has no one to tell him no after Dreamfinder left ;)
Peter is correct. Most ride through attractions will go to a cycle out mode in the event of a fire alarm. This is because letting the riders complete a 3 to 5 minute ride is going to be far quicker than an evacuation that would take more than 20 minutes in most cases.


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After returning to WDW in 2008 after 15 years, I was completely disappointed by 3 things. The penny arcade was gone, Horizons was gone, and the world of motion was replaced by test track. After spending 19 hours in the car, Test Track just didn't cut it.


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It’s worth stating that the cars are hitting their lifespan. They were given a 20 year lifespan, and the first one was loaded onto the ride in ‘97, correct?
Disney doesn't handle ride vehicles like that. All ride vehicles are deconstructed and rebuilt from scratch pretty much any time they go to Central shops - that happens after a certain timespan has passed or if any issues arise in a ride vehicle. Anything from a chunk missing from padding to lap bars not locking would trigger a repair stint.

It can definitely be noticed on some ride vehicles that have been in rotation for a while. I rode a Dinosaur EMV Friday night that clunked and stuttered, alongside having visibly worn seats. But on the other hand, you'll get brand new RVs switching into rotation without guests even knowing.

The thing that wears down over time is the ride itself. Control systems (mostly embedded systems) are probably as OK as the day they were installed, but mechanical wear and tear on sensors, tracks, and supports are a bit more difficult to repair.

As an aside - when was the last long repair on Test Track? I'm taking several month repair, like Splash and Big Thunder Mountain got the past few years.


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weren't the cars replaced in 2012?
For the most part (afaik) the cars had little technical changes, and very little structural changes. It's effectively the same as the old machines, just with a new sticker to match the theme.

I could be wrong on some aspects - I'd rely on Martin for more specific details.

I just know the only "replacement" a guest would notice outside of sticker swaps is a redesign - and 2012 most certainly didn't do that with the RVs.
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