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Terminator: Dark Fate


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Yet another Terminator movie but this time distributed by Disney! This one will star Linda Hamilton and Arnold. The film is scheduled to be released by Paramount Pictures in North America and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures outside of North America on November 1, 2019. Hey Bob, when are we going to get that Terminator ride in Tomorrowland?
Interesting. We shouldn't be surprised because due to their size and number of international pictures with Fox's addition they may be a few percentage points more than other studios. Thus allowing them to give a better deal to others and still make more money. It can be a win win for smaller production companies.


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the trailer popped up online today. looks interesting. hoping it’s better than the last one.

Princess Leia

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I saw the trailer for this tonight before Rocket Man, and it caused one of my friends and I to freak out a little. Just seeing Linda Hamilton back in the Sarah Connor role was fantastic, as well as the new Terminators. Definitely looking forward to this


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I just want a terminator movie based ENTIRELY on the Future War.

They’ve come close a few times wait still just won’t do it :mad:
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