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Tell me about the boardwalk


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We have never visited. I have been to Disney plenty but tend to get sucked in to the parks and a short Disney springs trip (creature of habit, what can I say šŸ˜‚). Where is it? How would I get there? What's there to do there? I really want to try some new things this trip since we will have extra time on our hands. We would normally stay at the parks until close and usually purchase after hours tickets on top of it so.....I figure now is a good time to branch out!! I honestly wouldn't even know where to find it on a (disney world) map.


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We stayed at Beach Club in 8/2019, so a quick walk to the Boardwalk. It was really a place that had bars and restaurants. Pre-Covid it had some street performers. I would not go unless staying at an Epcot area resort, honestly. It is not that big a deal to miss it, certainly not worth sacrificing park time, especially with the shorter park hours now.
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The Boardwalk entertainment area is a shell of what it used to be thanks to the pandemic and budget cuts. Formerly there were street performers, surrey bikes, carnival-style games, a dueling pianos bar, dance hall, two sports bars, a signature restaurant, an ice cream parlor, specialty bakery, pizza window and a gift store (along with a few things Iā€™ve forgotten.)

Currently half the resort is closed (Boardwalk Inn side) and dining options are very limited. The only open TS restaurant is Trattoria al Forno. There is no entertainment.

I agree with @ilovelabs2021 ~ a visit now is not worth your time.
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Chiming in that the Boardwalk area has so much potential, but even at its best it was only a fun place for a couple hours in the evening. Itā€™s our home resort and we used to love having a balcony overlooking the boardwalk. The kids would sit out there and watch the magic show or the jugglers.
Without the entertainers thereā€™s not really any point to going over there. Though itā€™s a nice little walk around the lake if you need a break from epcot.
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Nothing exciting about it now, but even when there were things going on, I never thought there was enough there worth a special trip. Its an area that Disney could have done a lot more to make it appealing for those who were not staying at one of the area resorts but wanted alternative things to do after EP. We would go to the ESPN club for a meal and watch some sports and look at the memorabilia. We enjoyed the buffet at the Cape May Buffet. It is a nice stroll around the water area. And we would pass through to get to do mini-golfing. It might be worth your visiting if you have the extra time to spend, just to see it... but dont expect a lot.
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