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Team Yesterday: Saludos Beach


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An update to Disneyland Brazil


Main Street U.S.A.
1 - Main Street Station (Disneyland Railroad)
2 - Chamber of Commerce
3 - Town Hall
4 - 50s Prime Time Cafe - TS
5 - Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater - TS
6 - Club 32 - TS
7 - Gardens Plaza - QS
8 - Main Street Bakery (Starbucks) - QS
9 - Emporium - S
10 - Goofy Candy Co - S
11 - Main Street Theater
12 - Soda Fountain - S
13 - Penny Arcade Games

The lands formerly known as ToonTown/Muppet Land now
Saludos Beach

28 - Tron Lightcycle Grid Arena
29 - Ralph Wrecks The Speedway
30 - Rocket to Xanadu
31 - Axiom Theater
32 - Galactic Orbit
33 - Disneyland Railroad Tomorrowland Station
34 - Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe - QS
35 - Perfect Park Acres - QS

36 - Belle's Castle
37 - Snow White and the Magic Mirror
38 - Cinderella's Carousel
39 - Cinderella's Chateau - WT/M&G
40 - Pooh's Hunny Hunt
41 - Dumbo The Flying Elephant
42 - Peter Pan's Flight
43 - Neverland Play-Area
44 - Through the Rabbit Hole
45 - Mad Tea Cups
46 - it's a small world
47 - Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
48 - Frozen Mountain
49 - Olaf's Summer Chateau - QS/S/M&G
50 - Mad Hatter's Tea Party - QS
51 - Cheshire Delights - QS
52 - Hundred Acre Goods - S
53 - Mickey and the Beanstalk - S
54 - The Princess Royal Tea Table - TS
78 - Mother Goose's Silly Symphony
79 - Rhyme & Dime

55 - Splash Mountain
56 - Yellowstone Wilderness Railroad
57 - Western Tram Expedition
58 - The Haunted Mansion
59 - Country Bear Jamboree
60 - Paul Bunyan's Ox Roundup
61 - National Park Canoes
62 - Fort Wilderness - TS
63 - Disneyland Railroad Frontierland Station
64 - Splashin' Place Play Area
65 - Rainbow Ridge - QS/S
66 - Memento Mori - S

67 - Jock Lindsay Hangar Bay - QS
68 - Barbary Bistro - TS
69 - Pirates of the Barbary Coast
70 - Dr. Albert Falls' The Broken Chandelier - TS
71 - Cartindale Cargo - S
72 - Indiana Jones and the Lost Temple
73 - Hightower Hunt
74 - TBD - TS
75 - Lava-Palooza Nighttime Show
76 - Coco: Un Musical Poco Loco
77 - S.E.A. Outpost Interactive Game - WT
78 - Fire Mountain

Starting in the original lineup for The Disneyland Brazil’s castle park were the two lands, Muppets Land and Toontown Fair, which utilized the Who Framed Roger Rabbit and The Fantastic Five while Muppets Lands used, well, the Muppets. Unfortunately, as of 2020, both of these lands have mostly been on the decline for quite awhile now.

Toontown is on the decline because while Who Framed Roger Rabbit is still remembered for being quite a fantastic film, it’s not exactly Star Wars levels of fame or popularity on a franchise scale. Meanwhile the Fantastic Five have had no other media about them in a few years besides that one tv show on The Disney Channel, a couple of Holiday specials, and a couple of Disney Junior shows that may have made them seem little more than a couple of mascots for a megacorp in the past few years or something that only appeals to young children and nothing more. The Ducktales Reboot could technically count, but it really doesn’t due to it only featuring Donald in it and no one else because they aren’t relevant to the plot.

Meanwhile Muppets is remembered as wonderful by many, but unfortunately it’s main problem is that it’s just not drawing anyone in to watch or pay attention to it. The last Muppets movie was a total flop, and considering the rest of the box office numbers for basically everything else in the company, it’s no surprise that Disney doesn’t really do anything with it besides a children's show since children won’t exactly care about quality in most situations and will just go after anything they find appealing.

Now, Robert Iger has ordered a new team of Imagineers to completely renovate these areas to be more relevant to the park and it’s location itself to hopefully draw in more numbers and increase the park spread to the area in order to restore the area to its former numbers and its former glory, theming it after the main audience for the park itself and their cultures in order to add tribute to actual area itself and have the area feel more relevant to it. Think of this land as our Liberty Square for this park ---- not formed in the name of a certain genre or in the name of nostalgia but out of location, but also completely different with these areas being based off works who pay tribute to this “Liberty Square” of sorts. This mega land is primarily composed of three separate areas that make up one large area with an overall theme.

This overall area utilizes colonial Spanish architecture and the overall aesthetic of a coastal Spanish village near the water, which helps connect to the new and improved water transport system that comes with the overall land itself, much like the backgrounds you would expected from The Three Caballeros with beautiful palm trees spread out throughout the sand, and vibrant colors spread across limestone walls, looking as if the land itself came right out of a vacation book, along with tiled roofs and the likes, although you can typically tell where all the attractions and dining is due to them standing out in comparison with them being heavily based off the IP they take inspiration from, while still being entirely unique and interactive in comparison to your typical book report IP ride ™.

Please welcome the new addition of Saludos Beach to Disneyland Brazil as of February 15th, 2020 and everything that comes with it.


14. Lake Titicaca Marketplace - S
15. 3 Caballeros - M&G
16. Panchito’s Dockside Cantina - TS
17. Three Caballeros: Quack Attack
18. The Flying Burros
19. Aquarela Do Brasil
20. Mercado Oceanico - S
21. Spirit of Adventure Stand - QS
22. Spirit of Adventure - WT
23. Carl & Ellie's House - WT
24. Mudka’s Meat Hut - QS
25. Kuzcotopia Shoppe - S
26. How to Speak Squirrel with Kronk
27. Kuzco’s Royal Race
81. Saludos Beach Boat Dock
82. Fantasyland Boat Dock



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Three Caballeros/Saludos Area


Anchoring the new Saludos Beach expansion will be an E Ticket family thrill ride based on Brazil's most loved Disney trio. The Three Caballeros: Quack Attack will be a new evolution to Disney's Enhanced Motion Vehicle technology. Using techniques such as drop tracks, spinning, backwards movement, and track transfers, the attraction places guests within one large "Arena" show building where the transition effects become part of the show.


We start our journey, appropriately enough, at the 3Cab Records recording studio. This will be a new location designed specifically for the attraction and land and will serve as the home base for the Caballeros. The queue will have multiple parts to it including an outdoor garden and gazebo, an indoor museum, and the recording studio itself which gives guests a face to face encounter with the band via an update of the Pepper's Ghost effect used in a very similar pre-show sequence for Rock N' Roller Coaster.


Donald, Panchito, and Jose invite you to their beach-front concert, and of course in a clever Easter egg, we get offered some BACKSTAGE PASSES!! Before we can celebrate too hard though, the screens in the recording studio are hijacked by a familiar face to any DuckTales fan.


Flintheart Glomgold (voiced by Craig Ferguson) shows up with cloned teen-aged versions of Huey, Dewey, and Louie who have formed a new band that the dastardly Glomgold likes to call the Quack Pack. The designs of the triplet clones are ripped straight out of the show this joke is referencing.


Here we get some fun meta humor where Flintheart mocks the Caballeros for being unhip and out-dated and that the Quack Attack will bring a hip vibe to the beach concert...as well as LOTS AND LOTS OF CONCESSION SALES! Which is of course what the greedy Glomgold is really after. Much like many of Glomgold's schemes, this one is silly and non-nonsensical and mostly used as a gateway towards some fun gags at the expense of Breck Eisner era "HipNEdgy" Disney. When asked how the cloned triplets exist, all Glomgold can respond with is...

"Dark magic, cloning. Secrets only the Sith would know!"

We hear a record scratch and the Caballeros question what the heck he's talking about. With that Glomgold loses his patience and gets off the air, threatening to end the legacy of the Three Caballeros in one fell swoop with a single amazing concert.

The Three Caballeros besides Donald aren't really taking the threat personally at this point, but Donald is fused up enough that Jose offers us a chance to help with the problem and be a part of a real Caballeros adventure.

We are then beckoned into Jose's garage in the back of the studio which doubles as the attraction's boarding area. AAs of Fenton Cabrera and Gyro Gearloose can be seen making adjustments on different models of the very ride vehicle we'll soon be getting into. The two of them also offer up the safety spiel with Gyro being his dry self and Fenton trying to spice up the presentation and hype up their adventure. As Fenton lays on the hype, Gyro stresses the danger.


The ride vehicles will be very standard EMV jeeps. The technology comes from the form of the actual track and what it does along the way, so no need to spend time on the actual ride system until we get to the specifics of it.

The ride starts with a transition hallway in which we see an impressive AA set piece of all three of the Caballeros on an identical ride vehicle riding alongside you on another track. In reality the jeep they're on is on a loop and goes through a quick backstage turn before a sensor lets it back out into the ride as it indicates another jeep as come along for it to drive alongside.

Following this we get the money shot...the "Christmas Morning" moment if you will. We see everything the attraction has to offer virtually laid out in front of us. A sprawling beach set piece is the stage in which this crazy EMV adventure will take place. In the middle of the beach is a large stage where the full AAs of the Quack Pack can be seen playing a very distorted version of the DuckTales theme song.

Off in the distance we can see a very large pirate ship that looks like it could be a set piece in its own right. Wait a minute...are those...JEEPS?? Driving on the pirate ship?!?!? Our anticipation builds as we wonder how the heck were physically going to get to that point.

Before we have much time to adjust, our vehicle goes down a rather considerable 20 foot drop and into a series of bunny hop dunes. Here we are attacked by large crabs in the style of the Scorpions from the DuckTales movie. We hear Jose yell out in pain and jump up several times within the bunny hills, indicating he's not having good luck with the crab fiends.


We suddenly hit a pile of hay and spin out. It is here that we reach our first major transition effect on the ride. The vehicle spins on a turn-table while bucking and pitching in true EMV fashion to add to the realism. The turn-table also latches us on to another track in which we roll backwards and suddenly find ourselves within a pile of crates and cargo.

With very little warning we’re lifted elevator style by one of two "cranes" loading cargo onto the pirate ship and alas end up face to face with Don Karnage who Glomgold has tasked with being security for the concert. Don Karnage starts to sing a song about him and his crew being the world's best event security, the floor of the ship begins to give out from the weight of the two jeeps and BAM...Drop track!


The drop track finds us in a room with multiple different Donald AAs lit in various corners of the room beating up Don Carnage's crew. Of course Donald is hot-headed and his face is boiling red with anger. All he wants to do is put on a show! He laments in his trademark speech.


Before the show is put on we must go through the biggest gauntlet of the attraction. Right when it seems Don Carnage is defeated a giant cartoon shark pops out from the side of the ship and the jeep actually drives right into it. Thus starting the most ambitious effect.

The shark face we drive into is an AA in its own right, but the room we end up in...of course a cartoon recreation of the inside of a shark's mouth, is actually another ride vehicle on a track. So essentially the jeep is riding on a trailer to transport us from one side of the beach to the other as the scene plays out.

Panchito tells us not to worry for the shark has not met the might of Panchito Pistoles. We see cartoonish dents start to pop up and down from the ceiling where we can also see a shadow of Panchito rapidly firing his pistols. Through all of this we get a great motion simulation style effect of the shark flying around with us inside of it. Suddenly it "spits"us back out and we wind up back on the beach next to a pile of corks that Panchito has used in his pop gun pistols and the shark knocked out with cartoon spiral eyes but clearly not dead.


We then head towards the stage and screens raise up in both our directions. This is where the Battle of the Bands sequence takes place. This scene will use a combination of projection mapping, screens, and state of the art Dolby Atmos sound technology to create a true "wall of sound" effect as we find ourselves in the middle of the stage with the Cabelloros and the Quack Pack trying to out-do each other.

The Quack Pack is singing a butchered version of the Three Caballeros theme which the crowd hates. The Caballeros offer up a fluid Mariachi cover of the DuckTales theme song which the crowd goes wild for. In the end our heroes win the Battle of the Bands and are prompted by the crowd to perform an encore.

After a quick back stage turn around from the screen hallway, we find ourselves in the finale on stage with very fluid and realistic moving versions of the three Caballeros including accurate instrument playing and projection mapped faces. They're singing a very soothing mash-up of the DuckTales theme and their own calling card of a song. Turning back around towards the unload, we get a quick cameo from an AA of the aracuan bird dancing to the music from the branch of a palm tree and waving to us as we disembark.


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Aquarela Do Brasil is a projection-mapping based Omnimover dark ride which will serve as a spiritual successor to Adventure Thru Inner Space. While Inner Space used surrealist sets and projections to bring the world of science to life in a captivating way, Aquarela Do Brasil will be using 21st century versions of those same methods to transport guests to the world of art...specifically watercolor paintings.

The queue will be a simple outdoor set of switchbacks under shaped canopies with large framed maps separating the switchback rows, sort of in the style of the opening credits to the short this attraction is based on. The facade will prominently feature a large painters pallet filled with splotches of primary-colored paints.

A giant ink-can spills out Omni Movers shaped like multi-colored paint drops into the unload area, to be quickly turned around to those waiting to board. Those in line watching the people board will get a special treat. As the Omnimovers enter a large abstract watercolor painting of Brazil on the front side of the show-building, we can actually see them get animated into the mural through use of face scanning. We see a five second long animation of each guest in watercolor style entering the painted realm where the meat of the attraction takes place.


Guests start their journey into the surrealist landscape by having an encounter with Jose from the Three Caballeros, a tie to the E Ticket thrill ride in the same land within a much more calm and serene attraction. The main song of the short starts playing and Jose urges you to dance along.

The walls are all vague color splotches that get dimmer and dimmer as we hear the song faintly come in and start to grow and grow. We go through a hallway and see a paintbrush start painting a landscape of Rio on a projection mapped wall. The painting is still black and white at this point, but sharp eyed guests will notice it as the start of the mural from the attraction's exterior taking shape.


The Omni Movers then get split up into two different tracks, a technique that will be used in a variety of different "roundabout" rooms. The north side of this first room will feature mountains being painted onto the projection mapped walls. The south side will have guests floating in a river being painted by the brush. The Omni Movers spin in time with the music as they link back up into a brief transition hallway before heading into the next roundabout.


This roundabout will be smaller and on the north side guests see singing flowers, on the south side they see dancing flamingos. We then pass by a building where we can see a silhouette of Donald and Aurora Miranda dancing to the music. This scene will be mirrored later on. Continuing forward guests hit a room with large screens on both sides.

Before their eyes a collection of palm trees transforms into a group of toucans, whose beaks then become a bundle of bananas. We then pass by a turn with a Donkey Kong sized pile of bananas and enter a large rain forest set-piece with many singing flowers and trees. This room will be a Tiki Room style set with physical AAs much in the style of the flowers from that attraction, only more fluid in their movements and without the infamous *clack* sounds.

We then enter the last two rooms for a dramatic finale. Guests pass two AA men posing and circling each other. Projection mapping turns the AAs into roosters going at it and fighting for the attention of the projected crowd watching from the sidelines. From above the second story of the building behind us, we can still see Donald Duck and Aurora Miranda dancing to the music. Finally we get one last "zoom out" in the style of passing a Peter Pan's Flight style diorama of Rio. The music begins to fade, the paint begins to drain back into black and white, and guests find themselves at unload.

The Flying Burros

This all new flat ride will feature the beloved classic, The Flying Gauchito. Similar to Dumbo’s Flying Elephants, there will be 16 Burros that you can board on. Once the ride starts, wings from the sides open up and take off for a fun flight through the sky. The center of the ride will have the little Gauchito and the flying burro soaring in the sky above a mountain. Once you are done, you unload and can enjoy the rest of your journey at Disneyland Brazil.​


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Panchito’s Dockside Cantina
Slated to open as the signature dining experience within Saludos Beach, comes Panchito’s Dockside Cantina. The tale of Panchito’s is an interesting one. Originally slated to be part of the Adventure Bay expansion La Cocina de Panchito, the restaurant was beset by a series of unfortunate delays, a trend that would later continue with Walt Disney World’s Space 220. Once word was out that Imagineering was devoting a land to South America and in part the Three Caballeros, the decision was made to relocate Panchito’s to the new land, with a new name and new menu, but still the same good music and good fun that was originally planned.

Having recently concluded new adventures with Donald & Jose, Panchito has been convinced by Jose to settle down and share his music and newfound love of food with the locals of Saludos Beach. Bringing flavors from all across Latin America, the cantina offers a cornucopia of options to choose from.


Modeling the exterior after the rest of the coastal Latin America setting of the land, the Cantina is settled on the edge of the lagoon, offering prime, pristine views towards Tomorrowland and Belle’s Castle in Fantasyland. Completing the newly created waterfront is a designated Meet & Greet structure and dock for new boat transportation added to this side of the park. With an open concept and plenty of indoor/outdoor seating, guests are greeted by a dead on 180 degree view of the lagoon upon entering. Once inside, the rhythmic tunes of a guitar can be heard over the murmur of guests talking, singing and enjoying their meal. With all manner of colors and an eclectic feel, various mementos of The Three Caballeros travels across Latin America can be found adorning the walls, ceiling and bar area. Each with a story waiting to be told.


While the background music in the Cantina is thoroughly enjoyable, the “live” entertainment is what people have come to see. At one end of the large, open eating space lies a makeshift looking stage of sorts, but suitable enough for a few musicians. Playing 5-6 minute sets every 20 minutes, Panchito and pals will sing, play and entertain. With the short spaced out sets, guests are easily able to laugh and enjoy before or during the meal, but also have the opportunity to at least 2-3 different sets during the experience. In all, a total of 6 different acts will play on rotation.

Using some of the best in audio animatronics, Panchito comes to life as he strums his guitar, regaling the crowd with a few of his favorite tunes. As this is no solo act, he is frequently joined by Jose playing maracas, and Donald doing his best, but usually there for the comedic relief as he usually ends up with an instrument around his neck. As luck would have it, Panchito has actually invited many of his fowl friends to pop by when they are in Saludos Beach. You may get lucky and catch a wild tune from Aracuan Bird or even the renowned Clara Cluck could join in for an operatic version of some Latin tunes.


Not to be outdone by the entertainment, the Dockside Cantina has a wide assortment of Latin American foods.


In addition to the full table service and entertainment offerings, Panchito’s also offers a walk up window outside with a limited menu and smaller portions of items from the main menu.

Meet & Greet

Adjacent to Panchito’s Dockside Cantina, these 3 crazy, and wild guys will have their own designated Meet & Greet spot for fans of all ages visiting Saludos Beach. One of the more festive meet and greets you’ll visit, Donald, Jose & Panchito will have a bit of mischievous fun with.
One new technological addition to this meet and greet will be the usage of a green screen background in lieu of a traditional backdrop. Using the green screen, you’ll have photos with the 3 Caballeros throughout multiple locations in Latin America to create your own adventure across the continent.​


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Inspired off of the marketplace from the titular segment from Saludos Amigos, The exterior of this shop takes its architecture from Spanish architecture, with pure white stone walls, and red tile roofing covering the building, with the building itself taking an ‘L’ shape. Outside of the shop are displays of rugs, pottery, flutes, furnishings, drums and clothing. Attached to the building as a decoration is a replica of a Llama pen, although no real Llama’s will or ever have lived there.

Inside the store, birch wood planks are everywhere, covering the ceiling, the floors, and the walls. Hanging across the walls are hot pink curtains nailed tightly to the wall to give the interior of the store a more festival feel to it all, along with carpets of beautiful shades and colors hanging on the walls as well, and draped over stands as a decorative statement. Throughout the store, shrubs are planted against the walls in beautifully decorated pots. The store itself is lit up by multicolor twinkle lights with pom-poms attached to them. Throughout the store are decorative cases of cultural objects of value to Peru, such as dolls, drums, flutes, clothing, and model replicas of food items, which all come with plaques with humorous presentations on their history. The store itself sells Chullos, Tumis, Pucara Bulls, Chulucanas Pottery, Kero Cups, Andean Instruments, Retablos, Andean Jewelry, and Carved Gourds.​


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Designed after general Colonial Spanish Architecture often used throughout many designs, and utilized to help establish the local environment outside of the hustle and bustle caused by the general overall influence of IP throughout the entire area, much like the typical designs seen throughout the specific genre of architecture, the walls of the building are a pearly white, and utilize a tiled roof on the top of the building, which a general dark complexion throughout the bricks. The building itself has at least six windows on each side of the building, all of which are brimming with light, illuminating throughout the building and into the streets.

A large botanical collection of Palm Trees, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, and Penninials can be found in front of the building, along with hedges, and potted plants hanging from the top windows and throughout the front can be spotted as well. Bright wall attached lanterns can be found at the front of the building as well. In front of the building is an oak wood double door entry, and a wide gravel area surrounds the area as a path.

The interior of the shop is primarily influenced through the curved entry doorways that eventually influence the entire interior to have a rounded cylinder shape throughout the entire shop from start to finish. Throughout it you can find light and dark color combined wicker and spiral designs throughout the shop along with even more potted plants and art forms in order to make the overall area look way less plain and more refined. In order to give shoppers some more interesting things to do and to look at while shopping while also drawing in more people, historical documents are hung across the store to give guests a bit of an outlook into the general history of Latin countries of all kinds, ranging from Venezuela to Argentina from the Pre-Columbian eras all the way to the current day. As time goes on, more documents are to be added in as time spans and marches onward. This should work generally because this isn’t exactly innoventions type ambitions. I’m not surprised if they managed to screw it up somehow, but, it’s not exactly something that can be called easy either.

The store itself sells Gemstone Crafts, Beachwear, Ceramics, Cangas, Chitas, Instruments, Flip Flops, Jerseys, and mini figures of the famous “Christ The Redeemer” Statue.​


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While a great deal of work will go into the deconstruction of Toon Town and Muppets Land and the new build of Saludos Beach, another addition to the park will add some much needed kinetic energy to the park. Fitting in seamlessly with the theming of Saludos Beach a dock will be added near Panchito’s Dockside Cantina serving as docking point for new water transport that will occupy the currently lifeless lagoon that flows on towards Fantasyland and eventually around the park. A second dock will be built near Frozen Mountain in the direction of the tributary leading to It’s a Small World.
While not meant as a form of mass transportation, the water transport will provide a nice alternative for guests traversing the park or looking to enjoy another view of this beautiful park.​


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Paradise Falls/Venezuela


Carl and Ellie's House - Walkthrough

On the cliffs of Paradise Falls, a humble, multi-color home looks over the magnificent waterfall. As guests approach it, they see that the door is open and step inside. The walls of the first hallway are decorated with pictures and artifacts of Carl and Ellie Fredrickson's life together. The tour proceeds up the stairs, past Carl's chair lift.


It then proceeds into the couple's bedroom, filled with memories of their happy life and the room meant to be their child's nursery that was turned into their "Adventure Room", filled with paintings and plans for the couple's long-planned trip to Paradise Falls.


Guests then make their way down the stairs and into the rest of the house, seeing the house's kitchen and the dining room before finishing off in their living room with the couple's chairs sitting peacefully while music plays from the phonograph next to a window.


The Spirit of Adventure - Walkthrough


Carl's new home sits at the base of Paradise Falls. The giant blimp, formerly owned by explorer Charles Muntz, is now partially a traveling museum dedicated to the history of the famed South American locale and the mysterious but lovable creature that resides there, as well as the new home of Carl Fredrickson. The blimp is "the length of 22 Prohibition paddy wagons" with a hull 100 feet in diameter, making this one of the largest props in the park. However, the blimp is halfway parked inside a cave, with the back half hidden from view.
As guests make their way up the ramp, they are greeted with a beautiful foyer featuring the skeleton of the Monster of Paradise Falls next to a model of the real thing.


They continue into a hall of artifacts gifted by the people of Paradise Falls, showcasing the native myths and legends about the Monster and the region itself. The guests then continue into a hall that focuses on the explorer Charles Muntz and how the man's search for proof of the Monster of Paradise Falls drove the formerly well-loved and respected man mad.


The tour continues into a gallery about the biological truths of the Monster of Paradise Falls and the maze-like area that it nests in. The final room shows the history of the discovery of Paradise Falls and the Monster, lovingly nicknamed Kevin.


Atmosphere of Paradise Falls
Paradise Falls may be a small area, but it should prove to be quite popular thanks to its highly entertaining atmosphere. Throughout the day, the Monster of Paradise Falls (better known as Kevin), makes her way through the area on the hunt for chocolate or searching for her rowdy babies. In addition, Wilderness Explorer leaders, in an attempt to showcase the amazing flora and fauna of the area, come out throughout the day in a hilarious and madcap presentation of Paradise Falls.​


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Much like the setup of Carl And Ellie’s House on the peak of paradise falls, this particular quick service restaurant rests in a barren part of the park with little to no shade or flora, and the area itself is surrounded by red dirt and rocks. However, instead this restaurant is modeled after the Spirit Of Adventure, albeit on a smaller scale than how the Spirit Of Adventure would look theoretically in real life. At the bottom base where the blimp would theoretically open up is where the main entrance of the restaurant is. On the sides of the restaurant are crates, barrels, rope, and other items that would typically be used on an adventure.

Pão De Queijo
Brazilian Style Rice
Brazilian Style Beans
Feijão Tropeiro
Moqueca Baina
Camarao No Leitite De Coco
Frango A Passarinho

Farofa With Bacon

Brazilian Chopped Salad
Brazilian Tomato Salad
Brazilian Churrasco With Chimichurri

Spicy Brazilian Burrito Bowls
Brazilian Feijoada
Brazilian Collard Greens


Vitamina De Abacate
Agua De Coco
Caldo De Cana
Hot Cocoa
Bottled Water
Fountain Drinks

Caju Amigo
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Emperor's New Groove/Peru


Kuzco's Royal Race
Kuzco's Royal Race will be a dueling outdoor wild mouse coaster with some mild dark ride elements to it. The coaster will weave in and around Kuzco's palace, mostly the iconic exterior. Most of the theme will take place in the queue where the attraction's story is set up.

After the events of the first film, Kitty Yzma has exploited Kuzco's extreme ego by challenging him to a race for control of the throne. Inside the queue, guests will wind their way through various sight gags in relation to the movie including the old man who threw off the Emperor's groove hanging in a cage and the house of the guard who got turned into a cow.

The queue winds its way from Kuzco's throne room down into Yzma's lab, where guests board their replica roller coaster vehicles from the "pull the lever" scene. The safety video will be themed after Yzma's "box inside of a box" speech with the same style of animation. Kronk will translate the safety spiel into Spanish, English, and Squirrel!

The ride starts by splitting the track up into a Yzma and Kuzco side. The cars then go up one of two elevator lifts where we hear dialogue from the matching characters hyping us up to win. This will be a classic Fantasyland style experience where we never see the main characters but are instead meant to be in their shoes throughout the attraction. The lifts will be identical to ride systems such as Mystery Mine at Dollywood or Cobra's Curse at Busch Gardens Tampa.

From the top of the palace it's a pretty standard dueling wild mouse set up with the typical hairpin turns and near miss elements. One big surprise comes at the center of the attraction where the cars seemingly collide with each other and start spinning for a section of reverse track to get them back on point. This spinning will be unique in that it's a spinning section on an otherwise non-spinning attraction.


Based on who crosses the finish line first, the final scene will be projection mapped to be a throne room built for either Kuzco in all reds and golds or Yzma with dark purple hues. This throne room will work very similarly to Disneyland's Indiana Jones chamber room where lighting and projections can change the room to have one of two different themes. It wouldn't be an Emperor's New Groove race without referencing this gag, so of course as we round the corner to unload we see an AA of Kronk (the only full AA in the attraction) pulling down his trademark map and remarking that by all accounts the results don't make any sense.

How to Speak Squirrel with Kronk

This will be a small theater show meant to pad out the offerings of Saludos Beach and offer a sit down option amidst the dark rides and thrill attractions throughout the rest of the land. The premise here is simple. A cast member playing everyone's favorite henchman Kronk will star in the show alongside two other cast members playing boy and girl Squirrel Scouts as well as a puppet of Kitty Yzma.

The show will be very interactive with Kitty Yzma roasting the audience as Kronk tries to hold things together. The lesson itself will essentially just be an extension of the gag from the film. The fun comes into play when Kuzco (again played by a live actor) crashes the class and gets into an argument with Kitty Yzma. It's then up to Kronk to play moderator between the two.

In an impressive display of puppetry, the finale involves Kronk pulling a boy and a girl from the audience and asking them to talk to Bucky the Squirrel. After the volunteers give a series of inevitably awkward and adorable squeaks, the Bucky puppet flees off stage and returns with a dozen other squirrel puppets who break up Kuzco and Yzma's fight. Kronk ends the show by reminding folks that communication is key when it comes to conflict resolution. Squeak squeaker squeak squeak. Squeak squeaker squeak squeakens.



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Taking after the restaurant seen in the movie, this replica seems extremely tall for what is basically just a Quick Service Restaurant, but that mainly has to do with the fact that the main restaurant only takes up the bottom half of the entire structure and even then most of that structure is actually much smaller than it seems because of forced depth perception. The main top of the building is a straw-thatched roof that is once again little more than a bunch of synthetics tied together that regularly get replaced, once again placed on top of a row of pillars. A chimney on top of the thatched roof can be seen emitting smoke thanks to the wonderful technology of the incredibly advanced smoke machine. The iconic sign from the film is also there, although using forced perception so we don’t spend that large of a budget for a sign for a quick service restaurant.

The main part of the structure is a bridge like structure seen in the shot of the movie, which is achieved by using similar technology to the ones seen in the floating islands in Pandora, except this time it’s internal since we don’t want guests bumping into invisible poles for obvious reasons. The building generally is connected to a mountain-like structure as seen in the movie but it generally is a very thin wall behind that all, and most of the plants up there are actually potted and well hidden, only being tended to after the park’s gates close. Underneath the bridge is where the restaurant actually opens up.

Rice And Beans
Grilled Beef Fillet

Brazilian Ham And Cheese Rolls

Assorted Fountain Beverages
Orange Juice
Apple Juice
Bottled Water
Hot Cocoa
Chocolate Milk



Much like the one shown at the end of the film, the store itself is actually a stone brick house with a wooden open door frame with wooden doors, and with carved out open windows. Wooden rafters decoratively hang from the roof at the building, with “straw” (actually just a flat roofed building with synthetics hanging from the top that are regularly replaced) at the top. The only difference is that this building is on a much larger scale. Outside of the building is a stone brick pathway amongst flower patches and the mini replica model birdhouse in front along with pottery hanging out in the front of the house as well. Think of it on the same scale as Mickey’s House at Toontown.

Inside the store is fairly generic, with the walls and ceiling mostly being a creamish-beige color, and the flooring being a velvet red carpet. The walls themselves are lined with the Emperor flags on the walls often seen in Kuzco’s palace, and most of the stands and shelves are the yellow gold color seen in the movie with the glyphs inscribed into the surfaces of them all. The store itself sells ornaments, clothing, postcards, cups, towels, magnets, and merchandise of The Emperor’s New Groove, not that the other objects wouldn’t be themed after it though​

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