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News TEA/AECOM 2018 Theme Index Released


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The 2018 Theme Index with AECOM theme park attendance estimates has been released by the TEA.



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That's an interesting document. Be very interesting to see what 2019-2020 does for DL DHS come SWGE.

This being 2018 numbers, that's the first full year of DAK and Pandora, so up 10% to make #6 overall world wide. Not bad for a park that was once considered a 1/2 day park a few short years ago.


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Right next to a picture of the biggest non-IP-based ride to open in Orlando last year, and a sweet 16% attendance growth percentage that’s larger than any other park in Orlando last year. I would think they were going for heavy sarcasm if I didn’t know better. Speaking of...

I’m glad the largest actual attendance bump in Orlando yet again is because of the extremely-relevant Avatar IP! “Innovative experiences, rides and programming are also important drivers” but we all know those toy banshees are selling so well primarily because kids love the PG-13 movie they saw ten years ago. Not because they love the ride they just came off of, the highest-rated attraction in Orlando. Nah. It’s the IP!
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Still working on all of the others with the historical and market share data but here is a start from the history I have accumulated:





As always, if you detect an error in my transcription of the data from the TEA report, please let me know and I'll make the necessary and appropriate corrections.
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This rumor also came from people that have very good track records. Considering that they had to work with James Cameron, it shouldn't be the least bit surprising that there were difficulties.
Every project has "difficulties".

I should also point out DAKs increase hasn't come at the expense of other parks. As some suggested would happen.


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I have to believe that the minute Disney believes they can meet at least Hong Kong's numbers in Latin America and operate a park that is relatively small in a profitable manner, they will move.

I'm surprised that Universal hasn't tried to pick up Merlin or Six Flags.


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So now after seeing the share by resort graph, why doesn't TDO get the highest budgets of all parks for new attractions and expansion? WDW should have the ultimate versions of every ride...Not the cliff notes Pirates and dumbed-down Pooh...
I think we all know that answer. Those decisions are driven by the louder nostalgic voices for Walt's park and not the finance folks who see the profit margins.
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