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this is an brainstorming thread about my upcoming project "the disneyland that never was" like mew's project "mirror disneyland" this is also an alternate history of disneyland & i need stuff like attractions (real/classic/unbuilt/fictional), dining, shopping, entertainment, meet & greets, parades, fireworks, etc.

here are the list of theme parks
  1. Disneyland Park (1955)
  2. WestCOT Center (1998)
  3. Disney California Adventure (2005)
  4. Disneysea U.S.A. (2011)
here what i visualize the resort would look like:

The Esplanade
Fantasy Lagoon (recreational lake)

Disneyland Park

Disneyland Bowl (amphitheater)
Disney California Adventure
Disney's Manhattan Hotel
Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel
Californian Hotel District
Disney's Venetian Resort & Spa
Disney's Mediterranean Resort
Disney's Hollywood Hotel
Disney's Hawaiian Goddess Resort
Disney's Great Wilderness Resort & Campground
Aquatopia (Disney's Ocean-based Movies-themed Water Park)
Mickey & Friends Parking Structure
Princess Parking Lot

Westcot Center
Disney's Egyptian Hotel
Disney's European Hotel
Disney's Asian Hotel
Disneyland Pacific Hotel

Disneysea U.S.A.
The Disneyland Hotel
Disneyland Boardwalk (Lake Arrowhead-themed shopping, dining, and entertainment complex)
Resort Hotel District
Disney's Pleasure Lake Hotel
Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa
Disney's Magic Kingdom Hotel
Disney's WestCOT Lake Resort
Parking & Transportation Center
Pixar Pals Parking Lot
Villians Parking Lot


Colors (Mark VII):
Both Colors debuted (as Mark I - 3 Cars) on June 14, 1959
Upgraded 3 times (Mark III - 5 Cars(1968)/Mark V(1985)/Mark VII(2004))
Formerly Known As Mark III Green
Upgraded From Mark V
Formerly Known As Mark III Yellow (Upgraded From 4-car Mark II)
Upgraded From Mark V
Tomorrowland Station (Disneyland)
Westcot Station
Boardwalk Station
Disneyland Hotel Station

WedWay Peoplemover
Mickey & Friends Peoplemover
Stops At:
Mickey & Friends Parking Lot/Structure
The Esplanade
District Peoplemover
Stops At:
Parking & Transportation Center
The Esplanade

your help is greatly appreciated


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Foe WESTCOTT i would luv to see a better Future World. while Guardians will be a great upgrade, it needs more. and Mission: SPACE belongs in Tomorrowland

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