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Target 20% Off Disney Gift Cards


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On Black Friday Target will be running a special, where if you buy $75 worth of stuff, they will give you a 20% coupon, good for one entire purchase the next week. As far as I know, you can use the 20% of coupon on Disney gift cards.

We plan on buying $75 worth of groceries (we usually buy our groceries there) on Black Friday and then the next week buying enough Disney gift cards to pay for the rest of our Disneyland trip in February.


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I am a leader for Target and was very curious as to whether or not the coupon would work as I could stack it with my employee and red card discounts. I emailed corporate and asked specifically if Disney gift cards are eligible for the 20 % off and was told no. I know the coupon says gift cards are not eligible and it was believed that only applied to Target giftcards but in this case it does to all. With that said I'm sure there will be people who will try and some may even succeed, but according to mysupport it shouldn't work. Sorry to burst everyone's bubble, I was in line to save about a grand since I'm buying 3000 worth.

Well now that corporate knows what us Disney fans had in mind, it's definitely not going to work now. :)
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Yeah-I asked people before the coupon came out and they told me yes. I went on Friday and they said since they are entertainment cards they would hopefully be able to override the system to let it happen

I am going with the information given to me.
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Will be trying this sometime this week as I got one of the coupons on Black Friday. If they don't honor it, I will definitely be pointing out that others were able to use it for these cards, without issue, as I have read that here and on another forum. I'm normally not a fighter when it comes to these kind of things, but if they're going to honor it for some people, it needs to be consistant across the board...
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