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Tangierine Cafe closes at EPCOT


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With attendance where it is, it's a shame the company isn't in a financial position to just close Epcot for a while and move full-force with the park renovation. This would be a great time to get in there with heavy equipment and start doing stuff in the middle of Future World right there without a maze of walls and redirects so that when they do open, enough of that work is done that they can make the area presentable to park guests (even if the new stuff isn't open yet).

Limited offerings plus construction walls plus plague do not, a good time, make.

I agree with you on that! I’m not sure why anyone would want to go there now, but I am really looking forward to all the new stuff.

Club Cooloholic

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Next to Sunshine Seasons, we probably went here the most for a quick service meal of falafel and Casa beer or coffee. Great location to sit at and people watch. I hope it reopens down the line, and much the same way it was.

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