Sushi Bar in Polynesian


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That's a really good question. We are not on the dining plan but bet it could be confusing if you are.

The sushi was tasty. I think I'm partial to CG sushi, but this was nice for a walk up evening.


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I think it's means California Grill.

I heard a story about when they first started the Dining Plan, with apetizer. Some guys ate about $300 worth of sushi in EPCOT before WDW wised up and took it off the plan for that restaurant.

Not reallly sure how it stands now.


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Legend. I remember when the appetizer was included, though i dont think it was as great as when the tip used to be included,


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We dont care if it is or isnt, best sushi around. it was amazing, so fresh, or at least it was in december. It must be popular, bc it is now going to be permanent according to the disney blog.

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