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We are trying to finalize our plans for the end of January. Has anyone flown Sun Country out of Minneapolis? How do they compare to a major airline like Delta or WestJet? The fares are excellent and it looks like there are three flights daily to Orlando. Price just seems to be to good to be true $200 return plus bag charges

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I've flown both Delta and Sun Country out of Minneapolis for years. Sun Country is fine, it is a no frills type of airline. They charge for everything. There is a charge for a carry on bag (unless it is your small personal item that is supposed to fit under the seat). There is a charge for picking your seat in advance and a charge for a checked bag. So make sure you account for all charges before final booking. Sometimes Delta works out to be cheaper or right around the same price. If it is close to the same price as Sun Country I choose Delta. Honestly I have never had any problems with either airline and would fly either one.

During the pandemic I flew both to and from Orlando. It felt more luxurious on Delta, they left the middle seat unbooked and enforced mask wearing, which was important to me at the time. On Sun Country it felt that we were stuffed in the plane and we were flying in steerage. So the service I got from Delta during that time makes me want to book with them over Sun Country but like I said both are fine. Delta does have onboard entertainment in the seat backs which Sun Country does not. I'm not sure but Sun Country may have stuff you can log into on your phone and watch, I usually just read my book when flying Sun Country.

Go with whichever works out cheapest is my thought, Sun Country is fine.

Edit: After I posted I looked at the link the other poster had posted even though they haven't flown Sun Country. The TripAdvisor reviews are horrible and I don't think fair to the airline. People on Trip Advisor tend to post more when they are angry, at least from what I've noticed. Unlike Delta Sun Country doesn't tend to have extra seat or overbook their flights so if you do miss a flight it is a little more difficult to "catch the next plane". So just don't miss the plane. ;) :)
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I take trip advisor with a grain of salt.
I have flown SunCountry before and it was fine. I usually fly delta from Minneapolis to MCO, but the prices were so high for our dates that I booked with Sun Country. There are other charges, but I booked preium with an upcharge which allows us to have one overhead, one under seat and one checked bag under 50 lbs. We got nice assigned seats, and I think there are more perks, but can't remember at this time. The additional cost was worth it for us and still cost less than Delta.
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I usually always fly SunCountry. As said before, you do need to add in all the extra charges (if you have a SunCountry credit card, the extra charges are 50% off). I guess the main reason I like SunCountry, is it flies out of Terminal 2 which is way less busy than Terminal 1.
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