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Summer job for a (Florida) college student


Original Poster
Hello. With regard to Disney World and Universal Orlando, could someone explain how the college program and internship program relate to a simple summer job for a college student, and maybe point us to the right places for info and applying? It seems the internship program is for a longer period of time and is more of a career based program, and we can't find anything about the college program other than its international aspect. We found the disneycareers and universalorlandojobs websites, but searching those sites requires more specifics than we figured would be necessary to "work at Disney for the summer," and they return more career oriented jobs. We figured it would be as simple as "I'd like to work in the parks, doing (attractions/food/hotel/custodial/merchandise/etc.)."

We're a little ways away from Orlando, so we figured the college program would be great with Disney/Universal handling the housing and transportation, but I'm not clearly seeing anything about that program. With the Spring semester ending this week, this summer is probably unavailable (maybe not?), but we'd love to get a jump on next summer.

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