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Suggestions for how to reveal the WDW trip surprise

I've decided not to tell him anything. I'm going to get him on the plane, and when we land, see if he can put two and two together. If he doesn't, I'll still only give him clues until he gets it. He's going to lose his mind!
He may be able to figure it out when you get on the magical express. If you don't use that service, just wait until you get to the first park. Either way have a camera out. And make sure he gets a birthday and first visit pin
I've never been to the Orlando airport are there a lot of advertisements for Disney? How old is your godson? Can you distract him until you get on the Disney grounds-- what a suprise- great idea taping it. Wish I had a video of my boys, their Disney suprise was right up there with Christmas morning.
MCO has a lot of Disney decorations, but so does every other shopping mall with a Disney store. There is no way to hide it once on magical express so if you really want the surprise- you may want to take a cab. Depending on where you are from and the time of your flight you may be able to get him to sleep through the bus ride.
I would tell him when you get to the airport, but only because my cousin tried to wait until they got to Orlando to tell her kiddos (she just told them they were taking an airplane ride which they were super excited about!), but once they were getting onto the plane a bunch of kids were talking about how excited they were to go to Disney and go on rides and then the flight crew mentioned Disney in their safety talk and all hopes of keeping the surprise went out the window.
You may want to tell the flight crew that its a surprise!! Good point!!

I have told this story before, but we managed to get a 3 and 5 year old from the UK to the front gates of Animal kingdom the second day without them knowing and told them outside the entrance and 10 minutes later were in the park.

At that age, they don't guess! They were just told this is florida and you are going to the beach - pictures of mickey are just that - they didn't really know any more.

When we told them, my 3 year old said 'Where Mickey lives? .... Oh my god!!!!'
And as a further thought, depending on a childs age and gender, the illusion that they enjoy the planning may just be that - adults definitely. So many kids you see overwhelmed and crying down main street is because they have had days, weeks or months of planning.

Just a provocative thought, not a directive....
Well, last year we decided to take a trip to Disney. We had not been back since DD1 was 2 1/2. My daughter's were 8 1/2 and 5 1/2 at the time of the trip. We ended up having to tell them right around the 30 day mark, as my older daughter had a field trip at school when we would be gone. I wrapped up a Minnie Shirt I bought each of them and made them sit down and open it. Videotaping it all. Only to get a big, why am I getting a Minnie shirt??? They didn't know what Disney World was. Now they do, and their reactions were 100 times better this year!
WE didn't tell our kids one year. WE packed their bags secretly and got everything ready to go after bedtime. We woke them early and got them in the car. Gave them things to keep them busy. When we got to the airport they started to wonder, so when they saw Orlando they figured it out. Seeing gram and pap at the gate started to give it away. They were so excited, actually to excited my one daughter threw up from excitement.