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This is something that I have been thinking about when it comes time for me to bring my baby girl to WDW. Right now she is only going to be 5 months on July 4th and I am not thinking of taking her till she is around 3, but a stroller will be essential. I am coming from Massachusetts and will be taking a flight so my question is would it be better to bring my own stroller on the flight or should I just rent on at Disney?

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Personally I recommend bringing your own. Then if you go once she's say 5 or 6 I would not bring or rent an outside stroller instead I'd see how the day is going and then rent from in the parks if needed.
Just make sure the one you choose to bring is easy to be folded down for transportation.
A good quality UMBRELLA stroller is probably the best option when thinking about having to fold it down and carry it onto a bus.


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I like the smaller jogging style strollers. They maneuver so much better then the lightweight umbrella strollers. And being able to move the stroller with one hand is invaluable. I also recommend using a backpack as your diaper bag and carry on bag. You will need your hands.

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