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I had posted the link to that music on another site and they identified most, but not all, of the songs featured. For reference, here's what they said:

1. The opening section is a circus march that I couldn't identify, but it sounds very much like a variation on the Main Title theme from Dumbo. Can't tell for sure.
2. At 8:46 the Dumbo theme "Ain't That the Funniest Thing" appears. This music is originally heard played on the calliope during the opening credits of Dumbo.
3. "When I See an Elephant Fly" starts at 24:11.
4. The classic circus theme "Entrance of the Gladiator" begins at 27:01. This piece is also sometimes called "Thunder and Blazes".
5. A theme from Dumbo called "Spread Your Wings" comes in at 31:00.
6. At 33:25 "Circus Parade" from Dumbo starts. The loop goes back to "Spread Your Wings" at 34:20 and into "The Man on the Flying Trapeze" at 35:30.
7. At 39:38 a short piece begins which I can't identify.
8. "Circus Parade" comes back at 40:21 followed at 41:05 by that same short unknown piece.
9. At 41:47 a section starts consisting of the music played over the opening credits from Dumbo. First is the Main Title theme followed by the "Ain't That the Funniest Thing" theme. The loop arrangement extends the movie version by repeating the sections.
10. At 45:40 the music shifts to a short section of a variation on the "Circus Parade" theme and the theme itself comes in at 45:50.
11. At 47:58 the "Pyramid of Pachyderms" theme from Dumbo starts.
12. The rest of the loop consists of two sections. One is a long waltz section beginning at 49:23 and running to 55:38 when another short piece begins. The last two pieces are unfamiliar to me.

So can anyone identify what the missing pieces are?

For 6 brief minutes during the spring break of '14 the Pantera re-make of this loop played. Not really sure what happened. I found it quite invigorating.

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