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Storm susrge map interpretation confusion


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I'm in Naples, FL near the interstate and this app says I am 14 feet above sea level. http://goo.gl/ntnR9rNow if I look at the worst case scenario storm surge maps, it says I am in a zone where I can expect up to ten feet. http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/nationalsurge/ So does that mean that I am OK because I am at 14 feet and therefore a ten foot surge won't get to me. Or does the map mean that I can expect to experience 10 feet of water on top of where I am at 14 feet above sea level? In other words when I look at the NOAA SLOSH map and it says I am in a ten foot zone, does that take into account the fact that I am at 14 foot sea level?


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SLOSH uses NGVD (Sea Level) but the Potential Storm Surge maps use ground level.

Collier County seems to handle evacuations differently and doesn’t use the Zone system. Instead they have a wide area shown on this map as potentially impacted by even a Category 2 storm surge. According to this map, if you live in the gray area the county recommends you seek shelter.
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