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Trip Report Still has the magic... even with restrictions!

This is my first post here but been using it for research ever since we started making trips to Disney World. Recently came back, family trip with 2 adults and a 7yr old and a 1.5yr old. I'll admit, I missed the character meet and greets but there was still plenty of magic to be had! Highly recommend!!

Figured I'd give back to the thread and for those interested, part 1 of our trip link to youtube is below, mostly Animal Kingdom and some footage from the boardwalk and hotel we stayed at, beach club resort (in a one bedroom suite). Still working on part 2 and maybe part 3, which will have one VIP tour day and the rest of the parks!

4 night stay trip, with 1 day of VIP. If you can afford it, I highly recommend the VIP tour. Skip all the lines, ride as many times as you want but costs an arm and a leg. Only reason we could afford it is cause we had to cancel multiple trips over the last year or so, hence had some wiggle room in our budget. Did all 4 parks and lots of swimming, since the hotel had a kick Hiney pool.

Did multiple rides across all the parks but I will admit that my favorite was the newer Mickey "Runaway Train" ride. By far my favorite... yes even better than the Avatar and Star Wars rides just cause of all the nostalgia that comes with it for me!!

Part 1:
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I am a glad you had a wonderful time!! Looking forward to rest! I road the runaway Rollercoaster this week for the first time. I, too, loved it and think it deserves more applause!

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