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Ok...I don't mean Surf & Turf...Mrs Hatter is a huge fish fan, much more than me...Even on holiday in Spain a couple of weeks ago, we dined at this restaurant overlooking the Mediterranean..My son had pizza..I opted for a T- Bone, and Mrs Hatter had this Symphony of Seafood..But where at Disney would you pick to get the best of both worlds...?...:hungry:..


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Flying Fish serves a good NY sirloin and a great selection of fish.
I've had this.. it's a wonderful meal.
I would vote the steak and lobster from Narcosses but it was served cold, the server we had that night was lame. In fact...I hate it when I get mediocre service. I have a real problem leaving a 50-60 dollar tip on a $300 dollar tab when a server has presented me with cold food....
Anyways never had bad service at Flying Fish and that potatoe wrapped grouper or whatever fish it is absolutely wonderful...

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I have a real problem leaving a 50-60 dollar tip on a $300 dollar tab when a server has presented me with cold food.
I wouldn't hold a kitchen's timing issue against your server. They're the ones that tell him when the order is up. What's he supposed to do? Stick his fingers in your food to check the temperature before he brings it out to you?


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Agreed. This is a case where, if the SERVER has done a bang up job? Reward him - but DO ask to speak to the manager about the kitchen problem. Cold food means someone is not properly working the pass.

The fault can lie with any of the three - the line cook, the expiditer, or the server. But as you said, the responsibility come down to the expiditer to make sure the entire order is up at the same time, but if the waiter enters a ticket incorrectly and it requires a re-fire that can be a problem.



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Actually come to think of it the server wasn't the one that presented the plates..however regardless of who is not paying attention to serving the food at the correct temp, it is prevalent at Disney. The execution between cooks, expeditor and server just kind of miss the mark about 40% of the time, signature or regular ts. I was really disappointed in the scallop dish from BOG last week. It was warm and had that jelled appearance to the sauce like it had been sitting when the plate arrived...Now the steak my daughter ordered was perfect...


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I didn't care for the scallop dish at Be Our Guest either. The scallops were overcooked and the lobster sauce was flavorless.

haha and see I thought the my scallops were undercooked...My daughters ended up having lunch with the kids several days later at BOG and they swear the adult entrees served for lunch are awesome, they loved some pork dish they ordered and the turkey sandwich...I haven't been able to bring myself to stand in line for the lunch there but maybe next time!

Did you post any pics of your wedding yet ???

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