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Star Wars Episode IX - Trevorrow out as director

erasure fan1

Well-Known Member
Since I loved the force awakens and rogue one, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt with this and the Solo movie. I find it strange that they have these differences with directors as you would think they would have hashed out how/where they would go with the movie before you hire them. Either Lucas is chickening out or these directors really changed their vision from the interviews.

Wendy Pleakley

Well-Known Member
I'm very happy to hear this. Trevorrow's Jurassic World was a really bad movie.

It was a paint by numbers Jurassic Park sequel. While audiences generally found it fun, and it did huge business, it was still bad. It didn't do almost anything clever or original, despite being set in a fully functioning theme park for the first time.

It had such lazy writing. Adding drama by having a set of divorced parents is a cliche out of pretty much every disaster movie. The romance between the leads felt like it was thrown in just so they'd have some sort of relationship. I couldn't even tell you the names of any of the characters.

I wasn't too worried about Trevorrow directing Episode 9, but I was very much worried about him writing it.


Well-Known Member
I wonder why they would want directors that have very little directing experience take on super expensive tentpole movies? Why not get someone that has a long career and a proven money maker? No one leaves a make or break industry project to the kid they just hired from the local University.


Well-Known Member
I'm rather excited about JJ coming back. I think this is right in his wheelhouse and will be better than Ep VII (which I really enjoyed) because he'll be free from some of the constraints of having to rekindle the franchise.

erasure fan1

Well-Known Member
So no real surprise, they are moving ep 9 to December 20th. JJ had them do that for 7 so ilts a good bet the same thing happened here. I wonder if Disney went to JJ with this or did Abrams say, I'll do it but I need more time.