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Stanza X Program Guide - SAU Muppets


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In The Sorcerer's Apprentice Universe, there have been a few alterations in the past to Disney's Hollywood Studios, most notably the deferral of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge to make room for a Muppets Courtyard expansion. The Great Muppet Ride takes guests on a whimsical journey through several of Disney's classic attractions, told using Muppet characters. Across the courtyard in Muppet*Vision 3D, the newfound life that The Great Muppet Ride has given to the area, has prompted the higher ups to consider a renovation to Muppet*Vision, but while keeping Jim Henson's touch on the actual show. With that said...

Your task is to design a new Pre-Show for Muppet*Vision 3D

- You may completely re-route and/or gut the queue itself to make way for a more elaborate Pre-Show experience, or you can use the pre-established area and simply re-theme it.
- In addition, if you would like, you may redo the queue before the pre-show as well, but the focus of this project should be on the Pre-Show.
- Essentially, the goal of this project is to allow you the opportunity in writing your own Muppets short sketch, without actually altering Muppet*Vision 3D. Make the Pre-Show more lively, up-to-date, and entertaining for the guests, so that in and of itself, it's a can't miss experience at Disney's Hollywood Studios.


In order to have an understanding of the area in which you are working with -- we'll have to travel back to when Muppets Courtyard was expanding in 2015's SA3, along with some similar projects from the time-period. Posted below!


Original Poster
Challenge 1 - The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 3
By Team Mickey - Zweiland, JokersWild, RMichael21, BucFan87

Winning Project and a part of The SAU
(which was hinted at on Page 1 of The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 4 main thread;):cool: #connections



The Muppets have built a Great Muppet Ride, but they’ve lost it in the process! While you frantically help Kermit search for the ride, the other Muppets have run amok trying to create their own attractions to make up for its absence. Will you find the missing ride? Will the Muppets be kept under control? Find out in this madcap adventure coming soon to Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Note: As JDM clarified in our PM that we can purchase IPs, we have decided to purchase limited theme park rights to the Sesame Street property from Sesame Workshop.

Though we focused mainly on creating an attraction, we decided to expand the Henson-themed area with the addition of Sesame Street to replace San Francisco Street. It seems that DHS is moving in the direction of creating large lands based on studios or IPs, and our new Sesame Street will give Henson’s creations the scope and detail necessary to fit in with the new lands moving in on either side.

Just like in the Streets of America, the buildings on Sesame Street will mainly be empty facades, but they will be filled with a high level of detail and interactive elements to create a well-themed environment.

The biggest addition will be a meet-and-greet like no other, featuring characters from the Muppet cast and Sesame Street. Highly trained performers will be present to puppeteer the characters, of course while hidden behind the scenes. As well as smaller puppets, walkaround characters like Big Bird and Sweetums will be featured.



Since much of this attraction consists of “parody” Disney ride scenes, we needed a ride system that would be fluid in order to fit the style of each of the original Disney attractions. For that reason, we chose to make this a trackless dark ride. The ride vehicles can arrange themselves in infinite ways. For example, they could be configured in Omnimover fashion, in a roller coaster car pattern, or even in a theater seating formation.

The ride vehicles will consist of two rows that can each seat up to 4 people. They will have a red and gold color scheme, with decorative patterns and fleur de lis on both flanks. The ride will board in groups of 5 vehicles at a time, which will also travel together throughout the experience. Animatronic versions of Statler and Waldorf will occupy the front row of one of the vehicles from each group, riding with the guests and occasionally commenting on the action. Thus, the maximum total capacity of each group of vehicles will be 36 people.


Two of the scenes in the attraction will be "elevators" that bring a group of ride vehicles up and down from a second level. This is mainly to conserve space, but also provides a neat effect when combined with the ride elements.

The ride’s main facade will be the Muppet Theater. Guests will enter in the main lobby doors, and exit through the “stage door” on the side.


As we walk down Sesame Street, we come to the focal point at the end: The Muppet Theater. As we walk in, it is clear that this is no ordinary theater. A ticket booth sits in the entrance. We see a sleeping rat in the chair with tickets in his hand. As we continue to move through the queue, we see a number of movie posters on the wall. The floor is a floral pattern, as can be found in old theaters, and the walls are red and gold. A ledge about 20 feet above the floor runs the length of the walls.

Spaced out evenly around the lobby are golden statues. Each has a mirror image of itself so that they appear to be touching one another. We see Kermit standing magnificently and flexing. Another is Gonzo staring at the sky with his nose up, touching the nose of the mirror. Miss Piggy lays on a chaise lounge with her hair blowing in the wind. Around the top of the room are lights shining towards the ceiling inside gold shells. An elaborate chandelier hangs at the center of the room, made of ornate crystal with gold accents. High above is a small balcony. Every so often we see Kermit appear on the balcony. He speaks to the crowds below.

Kermit: Oh gosh, that’s a lot of people. (Clears throat) Hello everybody. Thank you all for coming to the world premiere of The Great Muppet Ride! We’ve been so excited to bring you a one of a kind attraction and we hope you all enjoy it very much. You know, we’ve done so many performances in this theater, and it feels really good to put it to use again. We feel right at home and we hope you do too.

Scooter (interrupting): Kermit, we need you backstage.

Kermit: Now?

Scooter: Yeah.

Kermit: Oh, well, all right. Sorry folks, it looks like I’m needed backstage. Well I hope you all enjoy the ride. On behalf of all the Muppets, we thank you for coming to the Great Muppet Ride!

We pass doors at the front of the room and move down the hallway toward the backstage area. The halls are lined with posters from Disney and Muppet Films, records, and signatures of the guests and performers that have played this beautiful theater throughout the years. As we reach the end of the short hall, we come to the backstage area-- a small room with cream-painted brick walls and green accents on the doors. Up a small set of stairs, we pass two dressing rooms from which we can hear indiscernible voices, chickens, Cows, Bike Horns, a trombone practicing, and other random noises occasionally. At the end is one last door that says “loading bays.” This is where trucks usually pull up to unload equipment for shows, but it has been transformed into the loading platform for The Great Muppet Ride. The loading platform has the ride vehicles lined up in single file, and Statler and Waldorf occupy the front row of the last ride vehicle.

As we enter our ride vehicle, we hear a short Sousa-esque fanfare as Sam the Eagle can be heard through the vehicles’ speakers.

Sam: Ahem. Welcome, gentlemen and ladies to the Great Muppet Ride. Before you ride, I must notify you of all safety concerns. Please keep all arms, and legs inside the ride vehicles, with all of your personal belongings in the net...thing below your seat. Ehem. Yes. Not complying is not only uncivilized, but is also extremely unpatriotic.

Suddenly, Waldorf chimes in.

Waldorf: You’d think this ride is dangerous.

Statler: No. He’s right. We’d all be running to the end, otherwise.”

The pair laugh their iconic laugh.

Sam: Yes. Hmm. Finally, no flash photography or video while riding.

Statler and Waldorf again pipe in.

Statler: Why not?

Waldorf: That's a good thing. It’ll keep us from seeing the ride.

Both: Ohohohoho!

With a quick thanks, Sam’s fanfare fades as we pull out of the loading platform.

Rounding a corner, with each car following single file, we begin making our way down a beautifully decorated hall. The walls are adorned with deep red curtains and large marble arches. In between each arch stand marble statues, each depicting a different Muppet. As we make our way down the hall, a fanfare very reminiscent of the Muppet Show theme begins. Suddenly, we hear another voice.

Kermit: Hi ho. Kermit the Frog here, and welcome to the Great Muppet Ride! We’ve spent countless hours into making the best ride we could, and are now ready to show it off to you.

Making a slight turn, we notice that the statues and arches have disappeared, and we are now in a hall only adorned with red curtains. Towards the end of the hall, we can make out a large canvas sign bearing the Great Muppet Ride logo blocking the ride path. Continuing down closer to this sign, the fanfare builds and builds, eventually becoming a full blown-out rendition of the end of the Muppet Show theme with lyrics about the Great Muppet Ride. The wall curtains raise to reveal a whole chorus of Muppets on each side, very enthusiastically singing their song. Finally the line of vehicles stop right in front of the large canvas sign as the song climaxes with “Here we go, it’s the Great Muppet Ride.” As the last note holds, the canvas sign very quickly and unceremoniously rolls up, revealing a completely empty and drab-looking warehouse. The last note of the song collapses.

Waldorf: "Well that was a surprise."

Statler: "You're telling me. This is much better than I expected."

We emerge into a warehouse-like soundstage. Bare and dilapidated, one thing is certain—despite what we were lead to believe, this is NOT the Great Muppet Ride. Our ride vehicles move toward the other side of the room and stop in a circle formation around a table, where animatronic versions of Kermit, Scooter, Rizzo, and Walter are gathered in deep discussion.

Kermit: You’re telling me we LOST the whole RIDE?

Scooter: Er, sorry Boss, but it looks like it. See, I can’t figure out how it happened. We had it here ready to install yesterday, but—

Walter: We have to try to find it! Look, (motions toward ride vehicles), the guests are already here!

Rizzo: Oh, come on. Kermit, this is great! Listen, how are we supposed to make money on rides anyway? Now we can use the land for merchandise sales! Oh, and while we’re at it, let’s take out some benches. People can’t buy anything when they’re sitting down!

Kermit: No, Walter’s right. We have to try to find the ride. (To guests) Hey, why don’t you help us look? It won’t take too long.

Scooter: I have a bad feeling about this…

Our ride vehicles regroup and exit the soundstage.

We find ourself in a beautiful tropical-themed room, with birds of all sorts hanging from the rafters. The birds from the "Birds In the Trees" sketch, the chickens, the penguins, and even a reluctant Sam Eagle all make an appearance. A miniature Big Bird also makes a cameo. One notable group are birds from one of Jim Henson's early sketches for the Muppet Show:


The birds break into a chorus of the Tiki Room song. Several of them sing off-key, and Sam the Eagle rolls his eyes in displeasure.

Sam: Bah! This is undignified!

Nevertheless, the singing goes on, and our ride vehicle moves through the maze of birds as their perches are drawn up into the rafters to allow us to move through.

We hear the voice of Kermit, who seems aghast at the spectacle.

Kermit: What's going on here?

Bird: We heard you couldn't find your ride. So we decided to make our own! Oh, and guess what, the others are doing the same thing!

Kermit: Oh boy... (to audience) We'd better find that ride quickly.

As we enter the next room, we see Dr. Bunsen Honeydew appear on a screen.

Honeydew: Welcome to Muppet Labs. I am Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, and this is my faithful assistant, Beaker.

As we make our way further into the room, we notice that the room is really just one giant screen. There are no props, no theme; only a giant floor to ceiling screen that gently curves at the room’s corner. Suddenly, Kermit pipes in.

Kermit: Dr. Honeydew, what exactly is this?

Honeydew: Ah, Mr. Kermit, I’m glad you asked. This is the future of themed attractions. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Muppet Labs Virtual Ride. With this system, there are endless possibilities.

Kermit: But Dr. Honeydew, where’s the excitement? Where’s the adventure?

Statler: Where's the exit?

Honeydew: But, Mr. Kermit, you don’t understand. With the right technology, we can create an exciting attraction for millions of people to enjoy. Just take a look at Beaker. Can’t you see him tittering with delight?

We hear Beaker scream as the screen pans to show Beaker, in a vehicle similar to our own, shooting back and forth, and spinning all around an empty warehouse. Dr. Honeydew continues.

Honeydew: See, it’s perfectly safe. Allow me to further demonstrate.

Suddenly, the vehicles come to life as they begin madly spinning and zigzagging through the empty room.

Statler: They’re trying to shake us.

Waldorf: Good. Anything to get us out of here quicker.

Suddenly, Beaker’s car crashes into a large machine with a bang and a flash. The screen quickly swipes back to Dr. Honeydew.

Honeydew: Oh no, Beaker. You’ve gotten into the Clone-O-Matic again.

Kermit: C-clone-O-Matic?

Honeydew: Yes. It was a failed experiment. It makes hundreds of smaller copies of whatever is put into it.

We hear thousands of meeps off in the distance, apparently all running off together.

Honeydew: Wait. Beakers! Where are you going? I need to corral the Beakers. Thank you.

Kermit: ...well thanks, Doctor Honeydew. Now, how do we get out of here?

Suddenly, our cars once again come to life and form a single file line. Turning to the left, we quickly make our way towards the screen. Without any hesitation, we “crash” through the large screen leading into the next scene.

Kermit: Well that’s one way to get out. And we’ve found the Beakers.”


Passing through the now broken screen, we find ourselves in a very bright room. The room is decorated with abstract pastel shapes and mobiles. As we wind our way through the room, we notice that something’s a bit...off. It seems as though all the Beakers have gotten together to perform a rounding, piercing rendition of “It’s A Small World.”

Statler: -hums It’s A Small World-

Waldorf: Wh-what are you doing?

Statler: This song. It...gets to me.

Waldorf: Oh no. It’s getting to us!

Statler: Ah!

Waldorf: (screaming) Let us out of here! It’s starting to get to us.

We continue through the room, passing the multitude of Beakers as they wreak havoc through the ride. One Beaker has gotten himself stuck in a large, Mary Blair-esque hippopotamus. Another has fallen backwards through the set, revealing part of the backstage area behind the ride. A few Beakers fly about in brightly colored airplanes. Of course, one has fallen out, hanging on for dear life. One Beaker has soared even higher than the aviator Beakers; right into the set lighting hanging from the tall ceilings. Despite their accident-prone nature, the Beakers still meep along to the song in perfect harmony.

Finally after passing all of the Beakers, we see Dr. Honeydew off slightly backstage. He’s holding a very large net, probably to capture the Beakers. Behind him stands a very large machine. It’s the Clone-o-Matic, with the word “Un” taped to the side, right before the word “Clone.”

Leaving the beautiful sounds of Beaker behind, we begin to enter a more circus-looking area, passing by a gigantic, vintage looking poster advertising “The Great Gonzo” and his Human Cannonball act.

Statler: The Great Gonzo.

Waldorf: Heh. The only thing great about him is his health insurance.

Both: Ohohoho!

Turning a corner, we see a gigantic red and yellow cannon pointed off in the distance (it’s a matte.) As we make our way closer to the cannon, a short trumpet fanfare flares up as we hear the voice of Gonzo.

Gonzo: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight, you will witness my most incredible act yet. The first interactive stunt to be performed EVER. Perfect for a theme park ride! Now, please, if you will step into the cannon.”

Statler: Wha-- You want us to go into the cannon?

Gonzo: Please, I'm running on a schedule.

With that, we are ushered into the back of the cannon. It’s dark inside. We can see a small bit of light above, obviously looking out of the cannon.

Gonzo: Now. Get ready in 5...4…

Camilla: Bwak.

Gonzo: Not now, darling.

Amid the clucks, we feel a short bounce. Gonzo yells.

Gonzo: No! Don’t adjust the cannon. It’s already been lit.”

The elevator begins sending us up as we are shot from the cannon and sent through the clouds. We stop with a thud. The doors open to a bright light.

Statler: Are we dead?

Waldorf: Oh I hope so.

In an open area that appears to be somewhere on Main Street USA, we come to a snack cart. The vehicles form a line side by side in front of a large countertop covered with food. On the right is a popcorn kettle. On the left is a large pot with steam coming from the top. The smell of baked bread fills the air as we see Pops the doorman run from behind the cart with a huge basket of baguettes. All of a sudden a Muppet with a red mustache and a chef's hat much too big for his head pops up behind the counter.

Swedish Chef: Halooo. Her da shmerda floopy dor?

Waldorf: What did he say?

Statler: No clue, was that English?

Chef: Bork a florda da bork, ba doo. Floopy Dor?

Waldorf: I think he’s asking if we’d like anything to eat?

Statler: I think everyone here would love a cheeseburger.

At this request the chef stops moving about and slowly looks at Statler. A small tomato on the table begins to speak.

Tomato: Oh, now you did it. Take cover everyone.

All of a sudden, the chef goes crazy. He begins to grab popcorn, candy apples, and turkey legs and throws them everywhere. He’s yelling and banging on the table. During this time a small lobster begins to move across the table as if to try and get away. The Chef seems him, grabs him and throws him back into the pot on his left that splashes. Small squirts of water fly at us along with more items in the chef’s rampage.

Tomato: You guys had better get out of here.

Waldorf: You don’t have to tell me twice.

Statler: Lets blow this chicken coop.

The Vehicles begin to move again into a single line. The table moves to the right and out of our way while the chef pushes his cart away, still ranting in understandable Swedish and throwing food everywhere.

The vehicle rotates 45 degrees to the right but keeps moving slowly in the same direction. We see a grand pirate ship, two-masted, with sails tattered and ripped. The ramparts are scuffed and charred from battles past. We see cannons sticking out and firing across our path. As we move past, bursts of air blow as red light flashes from the cannons of the ship. At the helm is Dr. Teeth. Instead of his normal hat he is sporting a wide brimmed black hat with holes in the brim and a long green feather sticking straight back. He’s dressed in a black floor length coat with a white shirt, a cutlass in one hand and the helm in the other. He laughs and waves his sword. In the center of the main deck, we see 4 cannons fanning outward. As we move even with them, a scraggly pink and orange figure pops up behind them wearing an eye patch and sporting a bandanna and gold hoop earrings. He begins to bang on the cannons vigorously with drum sticks as he begins to shout.

Animal: YO HO!! YO HO!!…PIRATE…PIRATE!!!!!

A loud BOOM and a huge puff of smoke and red light flashes from each of the barrels. The smoke blocks our view of everything and all we hear is the music from Pirates of the Caribbean and distant cannon fire. The smoke clears as we pass the figurehead on the bow of the ship. Where there is usually a woman or animal of some kind we see Miss Piggy carved beautifully but chipped, scratched and showing signs of years at sea.

We move through to a dark room and hear spooky sounds in the dark as the vehicle turns back.


We find ourselves entering a room very reminiscent of the classic ballroom scene from The Haunted Mansion. Looking up a bit, we notice Wayne and Wanda as they dance on a balcony in front of a large set of windows. Completely wrapped in each other, they sing “Here I’ll Stay” from the musical “Love Life.” As Wanda sings the lyric “Here I’ll stay,” there is a sudden crash of thunder and lightning. The pair are startled by it, lose their balance and crash through the window they were dancing in front of.

Leaving that disaster behind, we find ourselves in the middle of the ballroom, surrounded by pairs of dancers perpetually waltzing. In the distance, we hear an organ playing the iconic “At The Dance” theme from the Muppet Show. Here, the vehicles separate and twist and turn through the ballroom, stopping at two sets of dancers each. For simplicity’s sake, here’s a list of what these dancers will say

Pair of Ghosts
Ghost 1: I’m getting into the moving business
Ghost 2: Local?
Ghost 1: No. Ghost to ghost.

The Man and His Bat
Bat: You drive me absolutely batty.

Another Pair of Ghosts
Ghost 1: Why don’t we stop and have a drink
Ghost 2: We can’t. They don’t serve spirits here.

The Mummy and his Date
Date: Can you keep a secret?
Mummy: Of course. I’m great at keeping things under wraps.

Even More Ghosts
Ghost 1: I’ve started collecting rocks.
Ghost 2: Oh yeah? What kind?
Ghost 1: Tombstones.

Two Monsters
Monster 1: I’ve been reading a lot of Shakespeare.
Monster 2: Oh yeah? What’s your favorite?
Monster 1: Romeo and Ghouliet.

We reconvene at the other end of the ballroom, and see that the organ is being played by none other than Rowlf. As we pass, Rowlf turns his head and says:

Rowlf: Heh. How’s that for a sprited dance routine?


We enter a theater that looks much like the Muppet Theater, but much smaller. The vehicles line up side-by-side and the lights go dark. A Dixie style piano kicks in and a small curtain to the left of the main stage opens, and there stands a rather shabby looking bear with a pink and white bow tie and brown hat, holding a guitar.

Fozzie: Howdy everyone, and welcome to the Fozzie Bear Jamboree. You know we always start the show with a joke, and I’ve got a great one for you tonight. In our house we use paper plates. At the end of the meal my wife erases the dishes…Wocka Wocka!

Waldorf: Hey you remind me of Edger Allen Poe.

Fozzie: Edger Allen Poe wasn’t funny.

Waldorf: Yeah and neither are you!

Both laugh.

Fozzie: Hm…Tough ride. Now folks, we have a real treat for you. A beauty beyond anything you could possibly imagine. She comes from a small town in upstate New York, but she’s as country as a coyote on a moon lit night. A voice with angelic qualities…

Miss Piggy’s Voice Shrieking: Hurry it up, will ya!

Fozzie: Okay, okay…The Beautiful Miss Piggy!

Our vehicles move into the next room, an almost identical theater. The tune of “Many Happy Hangovers to You” begins as Fozzie begins to strum. From the ceiling, a swing slowly lowers with Miss Piggy sitting on it. Wearing a pink dress and matching hat with flowers, she begins to sing. Come the chorus, she begins to swing faster and faster. In her excitement she falls off the swing and out of sight, screaming into the orchestra pit at the front of the stage. The music awkwardly stops.

Statler: Encore, Encore!

Waldorf: Not so loud. They may hear you and start it all over again.

Fozzie: Sorry folks it looks like we need a few more rehearsals.

Waldorf: A few? I wouldn’t quit your day jobs.

Both Laugh

In the style of Dumbo the Flying Elephant, we see a spinner ride before us. But instead of ride vehicles; the penguins are strapped to the arms of the spinner. They are going crazy, controlling the arms of the ride to go up and down. We hear Kermit’s voice:

Kermit: Looks like they can finally fly!

Our ride vehicles arrange themselves into a circular formation around the spinner ride, each of them lining up with and facing one of the penguins. We begin to rotate at the same speed as the penguins, which eventually gets even faster, until we break off and keep spinning into the next scene.

Waldorf: Penguins flying? Now I've seen everything.

Statler: No you haven't.

Waldorf: I haven't?

Statler: You can't see 3 feet in front of you without your glasses!

We move into a new room, which is an elevator with combined physical sets and screens. It is clear to see that the Muppets have gone a little overboard. It seems that they all are trying so hard to impress that they are falling over each other: Pigs on our left with a cotton candy stand, rats to the right running a variety of midway games (basketball shot, a dunk tank, and ring toss, among others). At the end of the row we see a rather small rat attempting to carry a giant stuffed Mickey, rather unsuccessfully as she is struggling to lift it.

The final game we see is Break a Plate. Seemingly from nowhere, a fish is launched from across the room. Looking back where it came from, we see Lew Zealand celebrating as he has successfully broken a plate. We move foreword and we see 4 singing cacti dressed as the Dapper Dans ,singing “You are my sunshine”. Muppets begin to move so fast in a giant whirlwind, that we can barely make out who they are anymore. Baskerville the hound takes pictures with Goofy, Annie Sue and Milred Huxetter run past as they jump in line for bumper cars; even Robin the Frog, Kermits little nephew, seems to be running amok. A loud bang is heard and the Flying Zucchini Brothers go flying overhead. Beauregard and George the Janitor try desperately to clean up after them. Dropping popcorn on the ground behind them is Waldo C. Graphic. He stops just in front of us and winks before moving on behind George.

Statler: You think they’ve gone a bit overboard?

Waldorf: Nah, this is just the medium part of the ride.

Statler: The medium part?

Waldorf: Well, it's certainly not well done.
Both laugh.

In the midst of all the chaos, we hear Walter’s voice yelling.

Walter: Wait, everybody!

Suddenly, the hubbub stops. Our ride vehicles begin to turn around and proceed out of the elevator room, as dramatic music begins to play in the background. Walter gets our attention again, standing before us as an animatronic.

Walter: Guys! The ride is just around the corner. It was here the whole time!

Turning the corner, we once again see an entrance with a large canvas over it that reads The Great Muppet Ride. This time, Kermit is sitting on top of the entrance. The rest of the Muppets all flock to the ride, as our vehicle moves steadily toward it. Fiber-optic fireworks shaped and colored like Muppets characters are set off in the background, framing the ride entrance beautifully. As the dramatic music builds up even further, the Muppets start another chorus of their theme song with lyrics having to do with the ride.

As soon as the canvas covering the entrance is lifted... a giant explosion lights up the entire scene, destroying everything. The lights go completely dark for a few seconds.

Statler: That’s what they call a “brilliant” finale!

When the dust clears, we see Crazy Harry before us in the entrance of the ride, laughing maniacally. The Great Muppet Ride has been completely destroyed. Our vehicles move into what was the ride entrance, where we see the other Muppets turn to Kermit, covered in ash and soot from the explosion.

Fozzie: Kermit, we didn’t mean to go completely crazy coming up with new rides.

Pepe: Yah, we were just trying to help, okay.

Kermit: (sighs) I know. (turns in our direction) And even though you all didn’t get to experience the Great Muppet Ride… well, I think the search for it was a pretty good ride in itself!

The other Muppets nod their heads, murmuring in agreement. They break into song, singing one last musical number in the ruins of the Great Muppet Ride. This song, Rainbow Connection, won't be identical to it's former versions, but more of an adaptation that combines nostalgia with new energy. The song begins normally but as the song progresses, the tune and tone of the piece becomes more upbeat. This conveys the emotions of the Muppets as they realize that despite the fact that the ride has been destroyed, them being together is all that matters.

Why are there so many songs about rainbows
And what's on the other side...

Then the speed begins to pick up.
Rainbows are visions (visions)
But only illusions (illusions)
And rainbows have nothing to...

What's so amazing
That keeps us stargazing
And what do we think we might see
Someday we'll find it
The rainbow connection
The lovers, the dreamers, and me

All of us under its spell, we know that it's probably magic

Have you been half asleep?
And have you heard voices?
I've heard them calling my name
Is this the sweet sound
That called the young sailors?
The voice might be one in the same

I've heard it too many times to ignore it
It's something that I'm supposed to be
Someday we'll find it
The rainbow connection
The lovers, the dreamers and me

La da da di da da dum da duh da da dum di da ohhh

Our ride vehicle turns to look back at them as it moves into the unloading platform.

Statler: That was terrible!

Waldorf: Absolutely awful!

Statler: Let’s ride it again!
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Original Poster
And ironically in the same challenge, Team Goofy also submitted almost the same concept, which was pretty crazy.

It was also for @MonorailRed and myself, our first project together -- and why we've had this as the last challenge of Act II. :)

Team Goofy - MonorailRed, spacemt354, Flippin'Flounder, Matt7187
2nd place in Challenge 1

(for some reason it's breaking the character count in a post:hilarious: as you can see we used to be the 84 page Castle people (maybe that's why we were critical of it? :p) Nevertheless, you can view the full project in the link above, and some snippets are below.

Challenge 1 - Somewhere Over the Rainbow Connection
At the inception of the competition, the first challenge asks the Imagineering teams to design a new attraction based on the Muppets for Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The prompt also asked the teams to ensure that the project reflects the core of the Muppets. For Team Goofy, the core of the Muppets is their comedy, which is included but not limited to burlesque and self-referential humor. Furthermore, the creator of the Muppets, Jim Henson, should also be considered the core of the Muppets. Honored posthumously in the Hollywood Walk-of-Fame in 1991, and as a Disney Legend in 2011, Henson’s comedic talents will be given a special spot in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which will include one of his last works, Muppet*Vision 3D. Our attraction and our project as a whole attempts to enshrine these two essential components of the Muppets into a unique and family-friendly environment.

Coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios in 2017…
Jim Henson’s Muppet Land

Photo 1 - Jim Henson's Muppet Land Concept Art

"The Muppeteers"

The Muppeteers Theme Song - An original score composed by Team Goofy


Interactive "Queue"

Photo 8 - Muppeteer Buzzer Concept Art

Pre-Show - As guests are watching the show, Sam the Eagle can be seen in the background with a Mickey Mouse hat on for a brief moment.

Pre-Show - The inspiration behind having Jerry Seinfeld as a WDI Board member came from a Muppet skit called "Seinfeld Babies" on Muppets Tonight Episode 107.
Pre-Show - Gonzo says "Hello, Jerry" a famous quote from Jerry's arch enemy on Seinfeld, Newman.
Pre-Show - A gag throughout the Muppets has been when Fozzie comes up to someone and says that he has a "letter" for them or something of that nature. When the person expects a note, he gives them an actual "letter" (A) and laughs - which is why he hands Jerry a "tweeting" bird.

Pre-Show - Gonzo says "Levels, Jerry levels!" referencing the "levels bet" from Seinfeld Season 2 Episode 2, "The Pony Remark"
(Wonder where we got this Stanza idea from....hmmmm:p)

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