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Stanza VII Program Guide - Universal Studios Japan & CityWalk Osaka


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For this endeavor overseas to Asia, the contestants head to ユニバーサル・スタジオ・ジャパン, Yunibāsaru Sutajio Japan (Universal Studios Japan) located in Osaka, Japan for a new spin on classic video game properties. Super Nintendo World has recently broken ground as of last year near the Wizarding World of Harry Potter section of the park, and is set to open in 2020 in time for the Tokyo Summer Olympics. Nintendo holds a wide-variety of characters and is a globally popular brand, not just for kids today, but for young adults and adults who grew up with Nintendo and still cherish it to this day. And that is what our challenge will be focused on.

Your task is to design a Nintendo World themed restaurant/lounge to be placed in either the park's Super Nintendo World, or as a new venue in Universal CityWalk Osaka

- Food and drink menus should be included, focusing on Osakan and Japanese cuisine with a Nintendo spin
- Once again quality over quantity in terms of detail. Your goal should be to develop your restaurant/lounge through images, menus, and more
- While the emphasis of the project should be placed on the adult 'lounge' design/theme, you may make it a split venue for children and families until dinner time, and then afterwards it turns over into an adult restaurant/lounge. It is not required, it's just an option for folks to have something to do who may not be interested in bars/lounges.


Below are some helpful videos and reviews for the area you are working with, especially since the land itself is currently under construction, and CityWalk Osaka might be a bit unfamiliar.

And if you find anything that might help on your own - feel free to post it here if you'd like to continue to expand the guide and have everyone learn about a new resort!


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And last but not least for tonight -- if you haven't seen @D Hindley 's Asia trip report from last September - go check it out!

Linked below is the section on Universal Studios Japan he wrote, if you'd like to see a review from someone who has been there with some scenic pictures as well. Given the more collaborative nature of these threads and learning new things hopefully D Hindley will not mind sharing the knowledge!;)

Universal Studios Japan Trip Report


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