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Stanza II Program Guide - Disney's Inventus

D Hulk

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In the Sorcerer’s Apprentice Universe, Disney’s Inventus is the fifth gate of Walt Disney World. Inventus is themed to the world’s mythologies and legends. It was created by Team Oswald in 2015 for Season 3.​

Inventus opened in 2025. By 2029 its Phase 2 was completed, giving the park 6 total themed lands. It is now the year 2030, and Disney’s executives have called us together to discuss Inventus’ next step. A few expansion pads remain, and it is our task to create the 7th land for this enticing park. This land is to open on Inventus’ 10th anniversary, 2035.​



Disney’s Inventus is located east of the old Walt Disney World Speedway (present site of the expanded Magic Kingdom parking lot).

D Hulk

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The Bifrost
1 - Entrance Tunnel
2 - Wonders of the World (Gift Shop)
3 - The Plate of Inventus
4 - Norse God Streetmosphere

Celtic Forest
5 - The Legend of Prydain
6 - Woods of Dun Broch (Brave)
7 - The Round Table

Ancient Desert
8 - The Nile Riverboats
9 - Indiana Jones and the Cursed Tomb
10 - Courtyard of Ra
11 - Arabian Nights
12 - Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular

Ancient Greece
13 - The School of Athens
14 - Mythos

15 - The Wind Jewel
16 - Peace

The Far East
17 - Legend of the Red Dragon
18 - The Journey of Mulan
19 - Mushu's Momentos

20 - Stars: A Nighttime Spectacular

D Hulk

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An entry land based on the rainbow bridge from Norse mythology


The Bifrost from Norse Mythology is a rainbow colored bridge that connects the realms of the universe together. It acts as the entrance path to the park and incorporates a variety of Norse references along the way. The Bifrost then separates into the main circular walkway around Wonders Lake, radiating around to the other mythological lands.


Wonders of the World (Gift Shop)
An elegantly-themed shop on Bifrost selling merchandise representing all of Inventus.​

The Plate of Inventus
This restaurant is fancily themed with a giant globe in the center of the room. This will be a table service restaurant costing 1 Table Service Credit on the Disney Dining Plan.​

Norse God Streetmosphere
Includes Odin, Thor, Loki, Heimdall, and in winter months Skadi.​

D Hulk

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A land of knights and magicians from the medieval British Isles


This is a traditional Fantasyland-style C-ticket dark ride themed to Pixar’s Brave. It is a “book report ride” carrying guests past familiar scenes from the film.


The Legend of Prydain
Another C-ticket dark ride, this one plunging guests into the world of Disney’s cult favorite The Black Cauldron.​


The Round Table
A quick service restaurant themed to the tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table as well as The Sword in the Stone. Despite its name this restaurant will not be serving English food; instead it will have a menu similar to that of an American restaurant.​

D Hulk

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The world of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, plus their gods and monsters


Indiana Jones and the Cursed Tomb
This is a clone of Indiana Jones Adventure, the much touted E-ticket motion base “EMV” dark ride found in Disneyland and DisneySea. In this version, guests ride jeeps into a cursed Egyptian tomb and face the wrath of Apep.


The Nile Riverboats
This is a slow and relaxing D-ticket boat dark ride down the Nile River. Using physical sets as well as 3D screen simulation (think Shanghai’s Pirates of the Caribbean), guests come face-to-face with the Egyptian gods.​


Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular
A reworking of the fan favorite Broadway caliber “Aladdin” musical which used to play in Disney California Adventure. It is housed in the Sultan’s Theater.

Arabian Nights
This is the C-ticket suspended dark ride based on Aladdin which we’ve always wanted, enhanced with motion base 3D elements into a family friendly thrill ride. The ride is a sequel to the original film, telling of Jafar’s return.

Courtyard of Ra
This is a counter service restaurant set in an outdoor veranda established for worshipping Ra the sun god. It serves Middle Eastern food like shawarma.​

Excavation Gifts
This will be the only store located in the Ancient Desert. Here guests will be able to shop in an excavation camp set up to look or ancient treasures.​

D Hulk

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Ancient Greece


Board Pegasus as you venture into the top of Mount Olympus and join the Greek gods in a battle of good against evil, flying through the realms of ancient literature to stop Hades, god of the underworld. Mythos an E-ticket dark ride-coaster hybrid.​


The School of Athens
This is a 30-minute show between two Audio-Animatronic figures, Hippocrates and Aristotle, standing in the center of a lecture atrium and giving a talk to the guests just like they would in Ancient Greek manuscripts.​

D Hulk

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A largely indoors land set within a Teotihuacan temple in the Central American jungle.


The Wind Jewel
A live show which fuses Audio-Animatronics and 360 degree holographic projection technology. The show is a ritual ceremony dedicated to the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl.​


An attraction to open in 2031 based on a 2027 Pixar film called “Peace” (entirely invented by our Imagineers), about a young Aztec’s adventures in ancient Belize. Attraction details remain vague.​

D Hulk

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Where all the myths of ancient China come true.


Legend of the Red Dragon
A ride which is similar to Universal’s Revenge of the Mummy, namely a dark ride and roller coaster fusion. Guests ride a red dragon through a treasure temple.​


The Journey of Mulan
Yet another C-ticket Fantasyland-style dark ride. This one retells the story of Disney's Mulan.​

Mushu's Momentos
This gift shop will be near The Journey of Mulan and will sell Chinese and Mulan themed merchandise such as pins, mugs and other collectibles.​

D Hulk

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At the park’s center is Wonders Lake, home to a nighttime spectacular called Stars.

Stars: A Journey through Time

At Inventus, discover the magic and wonder of astronomy in this one-of-a-kind nighttime spectacular in Wonders Lake, as projections and the starry skies bring to life some of mythology’s most famous constellations. Here you can see Zodiac signs as mythical beings in the sky as projections and show light up the night sky in an unforgettable display of beauty. Here is a snippet of what you will find at Stars:​


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