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Square Enix Reportedly Developing Guardians of the Galaxy Game


Horror Movie Guru
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Square Enix is going back into the Marvel Universe with a Guardians of the Galaxy game, according to a new report. VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb said during a recent stream (you can see the video below via his YouTube account) that the company is working on a game centered on the spacefaring Marvel team, noting that he could confirm the game is real. He noted that he is not certain if it will be revealed at E3 next month, but that it will be made by the company.

Square Enix previously worked on Marvel’s Avengers, which released in August of last year. The game was not critically loved, nor was it a financial success. Square Enix has yet to confirm the game. The Guardians previously saw their own game in a episodic narrative game via Telltale, and have popped up in other video games like Marvel Heroes, Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order.


erasure fan1

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While I'm happy the game is not a games as service model. But what the heck were they thinking with the character designs. Starlord is just atrocious. Why deviate from the MCU design when that is the default version of the characters 90% of the world has. I have more hope for this game than I did for their avengers game. That was just a train wreck.

erasure fan1

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Because like the Avengers game, it wasnt marketed as a MCU movie game.
True, but like it or not, the MCU design is the face of Marvel for the most part. Personally I would rather they keep the characters closer to the MCU. But if the game is good, the design isn't a deal breaker. The Avengers game was a train wreck. People really didn't like the designs to start. Then they slapped xbox owners in the face. And made a very meh game. The success of the MCU is unprecedented. It would be a smart idea to attach yourself to it. Just my opinion.

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