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News Spring Break and Easter 2021 crowd watch


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I've been wondering if this was the case. Are wait times usually inflated across the board?
I only make it down here every couple of years, so I don’t know. But today and yesterday, most, but not all rides were running about half of the posted time.

People are freaking when they see the length of the lines, but you almost never stop moving. For example, the line yesterday for 7 dwarves wrapped almost 360 degrees around the “mountain” at 8 am, with a posted wait of 70 minutes. I was off the ride in 30-35 minutes. It’s pretty crazy haha, and the story was very much the same today at Hollywood Studios. Slinky dog was posted at 70 minutes, we were walking off the ride at around 40 minutes. Swirling Saucers had a posted wait of 25 minutes and it was walk on.


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I haven’t been during the pandemic but I watch a lot of YouTube videos 🤣
It does seem like wait times are usually inflated. I’m wondering if that is to account for a random cleaning cycle. Like the posted wait time is worst case scenario should you hit a cleaning cycle.

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