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There seems to have been a reappearance of SPAM threads on here over the last few days / weeks :mad:

Just a reminder (and a big WELL DONE) to everyone - don't reply to them - just report them.



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Keeping this at the top...

Please do not reply to spam, just report it to the mods. There seems to be quite a bit right now.

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How appropriate a SPAMmer would reply in this thread with their spam? :lol:

*BUMP before their silliness is deleted to keep this current*


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A reminder (as one or two are responding to the SPAM) - ignore it, post on other threads and it'll soon disappear until the Mods Log In.


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bumping this again - don't reply to spam, even if you think you're being witty. Just hit the report button and let the Mods handle it.


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