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Space 220 Restaurant at EPCOT unveils new cocktails and mocktails


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I've been trying since the 60 day and it's been super hard...thanks to MouseDining, I've snagged a lounge lunch res there and a lunch restaurant ADR on consecutive days during my visit. I'm leaning towards just doing the lounge since you get the option of the cheaper menu OR the prix fix lunch menu. I'd prefer a dinner ADR for either lounge or restaurant, though, so I keep my dining page up, refresh it throughout the day and keep my phone handy for the text alerts. My trip is in 2 weeks. When alerts have popped up for Space for times I don't want, the ADR is gone 1-2 min later.


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I had my choice of lunch or dinner reservations at Space 220 when my window opened on Wednesday. The first thing I did was go to my Epcot day (my check in is Saturday and Epcot day is scheduled for Tuesday to give you some idea) and book Space 220 right at 6AM when the system opened for me. I'm also going during a usually "slow" week. There was only one lounge reservation though so I guess those are taken quicker.


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When I booked 60+ days out, I had my choice of lounge or dinner. We did the lounge and it was totally a one and done for us. The mocktails we had were horrible and expensive. The food was meh and expensive. Glad I did it but would have preferred a better meal somewhere else in Epcot

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