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Hi Everyone!! on July 9th I am going to the Saratoga Spa an 11. I'm going with my mom and we are getting a facial, massage, and pedicure. does anyone have any tips on what do do for like transportation(can't you take a boat from Boardwalk?), and other things. i vaguely remember someone telling my to ask for no sales pitches. i could just be crazy though. hahahah!!!!!! any help is appreciated



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Well, if you try to take a boat from Boardwalk you will be in for an awfully long ride. And never get there.

To get to Saratoga Springs you need to either go to a Theme Park and get on the SSR bus, or go to DTD and then walk/take the bus/take the boat. Or you can take a cab. Depends on your preference.

Haven't actually had a spa experience, but I highly doubt they will have any sales pressure at the spa. They may try to upsell you onto a more expensive product or something similar, but that's it.


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I have been to the Spa at The Grand Floridian twice for pedicures (fabulous thing for your tired Disney feet) and never was pressured with any sales pitches at all. I was actually impressed that nobody tried to sell me any of their products available there.



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I have had some treatments at Saratoga Spa and no one has ever tried to upsell. I was always very pleased with the service I received here.

As per transportation, I took the bust to DTD and then to Saratoga Springs and another time I just took a cab.


Here is my guy advice for both guys and gals. Been to a few spas. Usually only get a massage. Got a facial and a massage at Grand Floridian. With most spas my advice to arrive at least an hour before your appointment and enjoy the spa stuff. Use the jaccuzzi, the steam room, the sauna, take a shower, use the all great smelling products offered, have some free tea or fruited ice water, or what ever they offer, relax, then go for your massage or facial. I have never been to a spa where they did not say to me. " Oh you should have come early or stick around and use the jacuzzi." Honestly the men's spa facilities are not used that much and are never crowded. It is like you have the whole thing to yourself. Bring a buddy and have fun. It feels good, the staff is always super nice

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Well for my facial it's always on our second week.After several margaritas i smooch up to my DW and whisper in her ear " Honey,I love you,but those cinnamon rolls are piling on the pounds ".That whack across my face does it every time,cheap and cheerful,instant suntan on one side of my face.Now Iam only joking before all you ladies start getting the swords out. Just my Glaswegian sense of humour,[was in the shipyards with Billy Connelly]:lookaroun
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