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Southern Dominance of the NCAA - live with it

Dad 2 M & M

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With the dominance of the SEC now being surpassed by the ACC, it is now clear the South dominates NCAA Football. A few things to consider:

1) 3 of the last 4 TITLE GAMES have been ACC/SEC head to head
2) The FSU/Clemson winner has played in the last 4 championships (BCS + College Playoff)
3) The Iron Bowl Champion has played in the last 8 championships
4) The Winner of FSU/Clemson and the Iron Bowl have WON 7 of the last 8 National Championships
5) If you add in the FSU/Florida Winner, we talking 9 of the last 11 National Champions, with LSU adding the 10th in that same time frame

The 2014 Playoff is really something to consider - Ohio State beating Bama and Oregon beating FSU were two huge accomplishments!! Ohio State took the trophy and ran away, never to score again!! Oregon just ran away....

NCAA is working hard to keep the Championship from being another ACC/SEC match-up as the 1st game in the new Georgia Dome will be Bama/FSU.....the Loser of that game must run the table to be in the Playoff. So, that should do a lot to eliminate one of the 4 powerhouses...Don't forget Clemson played Auburn this year as well...

Additionally, it would be wise for the Playoff committee to do a little better in next year's seedings....this ACC/SEC "issue" could have been addressed by seeding Bama 1 and Clemson 4 (so they would play in a semi)....Could have done the same thing last year with Clemson 1 and Bama 4

Neither of the semi final games the last two years were even competitive.... had OSU played Washington this year, or MSU played Oklahoma last year, we might have seen a decent game, and who knows, the B1G might have even scored.... Matching the other conferences up against Bama and Clemson resulted in the combined score 130 - 24, with 2 B1G shut outs....


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I grew up in the south and went to a southern university where the two biggest priorities were basketball and football.

Unfortunately the corruption and low academic standards that help them so much in big-time college athletics hold those states back in other much more important ways.