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South Korea DisneySea is my idea of a Disney Park located right next door to Disneyland Seoul. It has seven "ports of call".

Guests can enter this park through Italian Harbor. This entrance "port of call" is themed as the fictional Villaggio di Volo Fantastico, an Italian port city known for flight and the citizens' desire to fly. This is the home of Carlos Falco, descendant of member Camellia Valentina Falco, who's Dream Flyer was given to him by surviving S.E.A. members.

The next "port of call" is Pirate Lagoon. This port of call is themed to the Pirates of the Caribbean series. It is also set in El Paraíso de Los Piratas, a fictional port city in the Spanish Maine taken over by Jack Sparrow.

Marvel™ Comic Book Cove is a "port of call" based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In universe, the superheroes are members of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers.

The city of Legends Park, located in a supernatural bamboo forest circa 1941, is the home of Miss Hailey Elizabeth Hightower,daughter of Harrison Hightower III. It is also the home of the S.E.A. Tower Hotel, which became haunted by five ghosts after she supposedly "saved Shiriki Utundu from being trapped in Hotel Hightower".

Diesel Coast is a dieselpunk "port of call" themed to a dieselpunk paradise located in a South Pacific jungle. It is home to the Rocketeer. But sky pirates have plagued the prosperous cityscape

Fantasy Port is a "port of call" themed to Disney Fantasy Films. Guests enjoy Disney Princesses, Disney Fantasy and Disney Heroes/Villains.

Finally, London Thames is a "port of call" themed to London, England. Peter Pan and friends are living here.


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I think you should try to have a little section (or port, as you will, but not a big one), of what the future could hold in store for us

With rides like Horizons or Carousel or maybe even an updated PeopleMover

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Italian Harbor
The village of Villaggio di Volo Fantastico is known for one thing: flying. People loved to fly and S.E.A. member Carlos Falco is no exception. When he was a kid, Carlos was inducted into the society and was given his ancestor Camellia Falco's prized possesion, the Dream Flyer. He longed to use the flying machine for tours around the world, so he opened a workshop called the Laboratorio del Volo Fantastico. Carlos Falco longed to show the world his latest aquisition can fly. His dream was about to come true when he finds that Society of Explorers and Adventurers opens public tours around the world in his workshop.

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