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So, You Want to be an Imagineer - Season 19 Hype Thread

Pi on my Cake

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The purist vs Innovator "choose your prompt" set up was super fun! The point tallies to get into the Final 8 during the main season would have worked better if there were more than about 8 players active for most of the season lol. But that gave the main season lower stakes leading to a lot of fun projects. Leading to a really fast paced and intense play offs! Had a lot of fun here.

I remember being really impressed by @pix coming in as a new player half way through the season (the point based system for the main season allowed for that) and learning how to play these kinds of games on the fly. Going from a one paragraph first entry to making it to the final 2!

I think this was the most recent large scale solo game we've had on the forum? So we got a lot of passion projects and really unique ideas here! Ace's Rowlf restaurant, @DisneyManOne's Fantasyland street show with full scripts, @kmbmw777's ice planet sci-fi water park, @spacemt354's Tron coaster (technically a team round, but it was only 3 people and Space was definitely leading the project), @Disney Dad 3000's India Disneyland, lots of really cool stuff that stand out in my mind even years later!

That was also the first time I saw @D Hulk's artwork. I remember him doing a really incredible map for a Disney video game we were designing for a group round! I was astounded!

Sidenote: We talk about duplicate accounts being a big factor in SYWTBAI 19, but looking at this retrospective post for season 16 @tcool123 came in both 9th AND 10th place. So, there's precedence!

Virtually Magic Kingdoms - Innovators


To all who come to this happy place – welcome. The Magic Kingdom is your digital playground. Here time washes away, and dreams take flight. The Magic Kingdom is dedicated to not only your beloved characters, but to keeping the world safe from nightmares. We hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all.

The Magic Kingdom

This project was brought to you by @Pionmycake , @D Hindley , @DisneyManOne , @kmbmw777 , and @tcool123 .
First @D Hulk art I saw!


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Pixar Rankings.png

So, You Want to be an Imagineer Historical Retrospective - Season 17

So, You Want to be an Imagineer Season 17 - The International Edition
Hosted by @TheOriginalTiki and @AceAstro

(Summer 2018)
1. @spacemt354
2. @Basketbuddy101
3. @FireMountain
4. @DisneyManOne
5. @Snoopy
6. @Pi on my Cake
7. @D Hulk
8. @Magic Feather
9. @mickeyfan5534
10. @DSquared
11. @DisneyFan18
Focused around a very original and never used theme, International Parks, Season 18 was another low key season. Featuring the smallest cast of the WDWM seasons, and serving as the last season that asked for applications with sign-ups, players were split into two teams - Team China and Team Tokyo (though this would change back to individual projects after Project 3.) Honestly, not much seems to have happened this season. The normal format was back for the first two projects. The tier concept was refined a bit, and played out similarly to how it will this season. It was a quiet season, but it was moderately successful.

In the end, @spacemt354 won the season and our hearts.


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