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Congratulations on the win, @JokersWild ! You did excellent this game, and I'm proud of all of your accomplishments! It was fun to see you play through the entire game and see what you came up with! Keep up the good work in the future and I can't wait to see what you do in the future! Congrats to @Outbound and @goofyyukyukyuk17 for their contributions as well! You two were also brilliant this game and all of you guys made some legendary stuff! I can't wait to see any individual creative projects you guys create if you have them planned! Thank you for playing!


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Congrats to Jokers for a well deserved win! And congrats to the other two for making this one of the closest races I've ever seen on this forum! Great work from the players and from the hosts creating a super fun and engaging game that was entertaining even after being eliminated watching as an outside observer! Truly a game for the record books!


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So on the podcast last night we talked about how I would make this park. Unfortunately, we ran out of time though so I will just post it here. This is only a brief rundown as I haven't put a ton of thought into what I would do before mentioned last night.

Both the final project and Tiki's version focused on embracing a certain aspect of the film (either the silliness of it all or the scariness of how the characters look). I think embracing an aspect is the right way to go but I would've chosen a different one. I would've embraced that it was a musical, and by part, song and dance.


My CATS park would've been a boutique park that focuses on Entertainment over rides. Both early day Universal Studios Hollywood and Disney-MGM Studios had a huge focus on entertainment and I think it worked in a lot of ways. While there could be "book report" rides, I feel it'd work better as character origin stories to get a more in-depth look into each character before the Jellicle Ball.

With an entertainment focus, there could be a Growltiger water stunt show on the Thames, a Shakesperean-esque theatre for Gus, a Mr. Mistofelees Magic Show, a JennyanyDots Cockroach tap dance streetmosphere show, and, of course, the Jellicle Ball where a few times a day, a random guest is "the Jellicle Choice" and goes up on stage (doesn't go to the heavy side layer yet) and gets a button to be recognized as a Jellicle Choice the rest of their time at the park.

There would be a few rides as well. Obviously, a Skimbleshanks Hogwarts Express is a given and I will die on the hill that had the movie done better we could've seen something like this in the parks. A trip to the Heaviside Layer would be the main E-Ticket attraction (gusts who were the Jellicle Choice get front of the line for the attraction). A suspended dark ride takes guests high over the streets guided by Munkustrap. Along the way they meet the other cats and have to keep an eye out for Macavity who always pops in and out of scenes ( lighting is key for this). Eventually, they get to the end of the ride where they see Macavity once again, this time as a full AA, trying to join them to the Heaviside Layer but ultimately failing.

Dining would include Bustopher Jones' Dining Manor where it'd be fine dining served on (clean) trash can lids and Rum Tum Tugger's Milk Bar.

Shopping would have Grizabella The Glamour Cat's Glam-up where they can get the latest sense of fashion and Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer's thrift shop where everything in there is 100% legitimate and not stolen in any way ;)

I think that it could be a fun park for sure with all the entertainment going on meaning that there is always something happening throughout the park even though it is smaller in size.​

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