So what's your COVID era tip for any of the parks ?


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We've been to the parks three times since the current Rona pandemic has begun. We live in PA so airline flights were part of our trips. When we first went down in July flying was great. 35 people on a 188 seat flight. $45 round trip flight. LOTS of social distancing. Only bad thing is you can't buy a double Jack Daniels and diet Coke to get rid of the turbulence yips. Last flight was 1/16/21, and you still can't buy snacks/drinks. However, the return trip home on 1/18 was FULL. After our two days at Universal Studios in September, we have chosen to let our annual passes expire. It was a total madhouse with an obvious money-grab by Universal to take advantage of the situation. I don't know why they didn't do Horror Nights because it wouldn't have been any worse than the $hit show that was happening during the daylight hours. Our Disney park trips were much different. Our trip in July was mesmerizing. Walking up Main St at noon with about 30 other people was unbelievable. That ended in just two months. By September, 50-120 minute waits were back. Our trip two weeks ago was about the same, but it was MLK weekend which contributed to it. As usual, Hollywood Studios was jammed. Get there early and pick two rides to start your day. Magic Kingdom is so-so. The lines seem long, but they move. I really hope they do not bring back Fast Pass anytime in 2021. Animal Kingdom is good to hit early as well. With the park hopping returned, afternoon waits are changing so it's hit or miss. Our final day there on a Sunday, we did HS, MK, and Epcot on the same day. I don't even judge Epcot except for the food they have for whatever festival is going on at the time. We're planning on scheduling another trip in the next few months and including our two sons who haven't been down in several years. I'm really hoping it happens. We're trying to find a two bedroom DVC because we're going to need it. Or, I'm hoping my friend starts renting out his three bedroom condo in Kissimmee again. He hasn't rented since April, 2020. My one son is 22, so I'm suggesting he buy his own airfare and park tickets which is weird to me. We have never used Magical Express, luggage transfer services, or room cleaning services since we have started staying at DVC resorts. I'm fine with that. We just prepare ahead of time. I, as well as my daughter, are very OCD when it comes to organizing and preparing for trips. Most of the time it helps, sometimes it's a curse. We'll have my daughter's car who is driving down from Jacksonville so no car rental required. Only concerns will be where do we board my daughter's dog, and if we can stay at one resort for four days. I have no problem with splitting the stay. I want to experience all Disney resorts. Hoping everything comes together......


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That's a lot to read so I'll just jump in:
1. Be sure to bring an adequate supply of masks. Probably two/person/day. You're going to sweat in those things.
2. Unless you plan on washing them, wear each mask only once/day.

The rest is pretty much just go with the flow and follow park rules. i.e. Social distance in queues -- stand at the wait here lines on the sidewalk, eat or drink only while stationary, etc.

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