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So I know where I want to go...sort of???


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Another vote on Garden Grill if you're not going to try anything in the WS in Epcot. If you are considering WS...but don't want to get too adventurous, obviously...Via Napoli is an option. The offerings from Rose & Crown should appeal to many + you can try and time a dinner ADR with Illuminations. We did that on the girls' very first trip and I think they both cleaned their plates.

You asked about Mexico and while I haven't eaten at La Hacienda...I have eaten at San Angel and it's one of my never again's. Of course, others love it and it is a neat setting. We've debated about trying La Hacienda as it looks much more interesting, but we have so many awesome tex mex and true Mexican places here that we always opt for something else.

Never done Sci Fi, but never considered it more for a snack/milkshakes...i.e. more to just see it.


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Rose & Crown is a very good choice. Cliched jokes about British cuisine aside, they've got a very nice variety, but nothing too crazy. My mom, always boring, opted for the classic fish & chips, while I went with the chicken curry. Mmm...

Also, if you can't find a place in the parks that suits you, check some of the offerings at nearby resorts.


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Not a huge fan of the Rose and crowns food I think there are way better dining options in WS. Teppan Edo is great, so is the restaurant in China.


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Not a huge fan of the Rose and crowns food I think there are way better dining options in WS. Teppan Edo is great, so is the restaurant in China.
Quite possibly, but as I personally have never eaten at either, I could not in good conscience recommend those. I really, really want to try Teppan Edo, though, for what that's worth.


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I would also recommend MM at DHS. We ate at 50s and no one in our party liked the food. It was awful!


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I haven't seen it mentioned yet so I will mention the Liberty Tree Tavern in MK. Hands down our favorite meal this trip. Everything was SO delicious! And if you like home cooked turkey, pork, and beef with all the trimmings (potatoes, green beans, and mac&cheese) I HIGHLY recommend!!!

We did Garden Grill the last time and that was our favorite meal that trip. Very delicious. We always try at least one restaurant in the WS. This time it was two...Teppan Edo for the Candlelight dinner and Chefs de France. Teppan Edo was delicious if you like hibachi grills. France was....meh. Probably would not go again. Waiter was the best we have ever had though. Very funny and entertaining.

JillC LI

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Some of our faves are Rose & Crown for a late dinner so you can watch ILlumiNations without having to reserve a viewing spot; Kona Cafe for a late breakfast after early opening at the MK; Cape May for dinner; 'Ohana for dinner; and Biergarten. Most of our family are not adventurous eaters either. You can always ask at Disney that a sauce be left off or brought on the side if you are nervous you won't like it.


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Tusker House breakfast was fantastic. My sister is not an adventurous eater and she said it was her favorite meal of the trip only second to Yachtsman Steakhouse. (She didn't like California Grill at all.) They have a ton of standard america breakfast food but offer some African ones that were surprisingly good.
We had a 10:20 reservations and got to try mostly breakfast and a little bit of lunch.

Sci-fi is really all about the atmosphere... food is pretty average. We normally go to Mama Melrose but we did 50s this year and it was good. Our waiter joked about being cousins but he didn't really get too into it with us as he did with other tables. My fiance isn't big on that kind of stuff either.

Liberty Tree is your best bet in MK.

Via Napoli is just okay for me, the pizza taste like regular Jersey pizza but I could see how its leaps and bound better than people used to Dominos, Pizza Hut, or Papa John's sad attempt at pizza. If we go here and we pay out of pocket for a large or x-large pizza, cost about $50-$60 OOP and we use our credits elsewhere.
I would give Teppan Edo, Garden Grill, or Beaches & Cream a thought.

I know this will sound silly, But Wolfgang Puck Express was just as good as any table service restaurant. It was outstanding. You have servers who bring your food out and offer to refill your drinks and clear your table and the food is top notch and only a QS credit.

Maybe you could swing Hoop Dee Doo review, hear its great! Or Whispering Canyon Cafe.
Cape May Cafe seafood buffet dinner or character breakfast.
Or maybe the new Italian Restaurant at the Boardwalk would be good for you to try.


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Sci Fi is great if you have kids or if you are a 50s nostalgia lover. The food is good but nothing to rave about. The milkshakes are very good. We always eat there when at HS because the kiddos love the cars and the big movie screen. The restaurants at HS don't seem to be anything special except the theming. The Tusker house is a great character breakfast, lots of choices and the CMs are very good. I like the QS places at AK, we are trying Sanaa next time for a late dinner since the park closes earlier and we can go there afterwards. Ohana is more of an adult eating experience for dinner, IMO, but the food is outstanding. In EPCOT, Le Cellier is great food, Teppan Edo is a great dining experience, good food and fun, the Mexican Pavilion is average food but inside the temple is a treat, great atmosphere, Coral Reef is over-rated. In the MK, CP is a great character breakfast and the food is good, Liberty Tree Tavern and Tony's are good food for dinner. We haven't done BOG dinner yet but the lunch is good, and Cinderella's Castle is also over-rated, unless you have a princess lover. Whispering Canyon is a bit loud. We like it because we stay at the WL. Also, when we went there the first time our son had a meltdown at the beginning but as soon as the kids activities started, he settled down and joined right in and actually ate his entire meal afterwards.


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What are everyone's thoughts on Sci Fi?
Was cool to try once. Nothing wrong with it however we never went back. Too much great food to try at other locations. Captain's Grill is now our favorite breakfast buffet and has become a must do. For dinner Liberty Tree Tavern is also very good. Beaches & Cream is technically table service but just has hamburgers, sandwiches and enormous ice cream sundaes.


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Our family loves 'Ohana at the Poly and we also love Ragland Road at DTD. Coral Reef is hit or miss but we all did like 50's and MM, if you can get the Fantasmic deal at MM it's great with the special seating for the show. I love the Hollywood Brown Derby at HS but my picky eaters did not. We enjoy Chef's every time we go but we always get the soup, flat breads and mac n cheese and then we go around back for dessert. We've eat at Via and everyone loved it as well. Today we had our first bad experience at Yak n Yeti, the chicken lo mien was absolutely scorched and I don't know if they have gone down hill or not but we've always been happy there before (yes, even the picky eaters!) My other favorite is HOB in DTD love their shrimp and grits!

Jessica Meier

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Since my friend that is going with us LOVES Beauty and the Beast and hasn't been since they opened BOG, I am now thinking of trying to get an ADR for a dinner there. My hubby wasn't too impressed with lunch there. Not sure I can talk him into a dinner. We shall see.


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BOG is a MUST if you are a Beauty & the Beast fan. It's really an experience for any fan of that film. I also enjoy Tony's. It get a bad rap sometimes, but I like their meatball apps, salad, and lack of characters (so many of the MK table places are running over with them, that sometimes it's nice to catch a break with some decent food). Liberty Tree is not my jam, but plenty of other people seem to enjoy it. Plaza is so hit or miss that I would rather skip it and hit up somewhere QS (the food is almost the same anyway, and right now you don't get the view that usually goes with the ADR there).

SciFi has great ambiance and decent burgers & shakes. The food isn't going to knock your socks off, but I would suggest everyone go at least once. We ate at MM for the first time in August and was surprised by the food. Not the same caliber as the places in the Italy pavilion, but good Italian and a decent wine selection. Brown Derby is also delish, just to throw that hat in the ring. And you can eat at the lounge outside without a ADR and get the famous Cobb Salad & Grapefruit cake. Also, the marg flight is basically just 3 full-size margaritas. #winning It's a sentimental favorite for my family.

I highly recommend Biergarten, Via Napoli, Spice Road Table (it's gotten mixed reviews, but we've enjoyed the view & garlic shrimp here as well as the sangrias), and the Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar is an awesome little spot that we have always been able to walk into and the atmosphere and tapas are delightful. My beef with Garden View is that it seems like Such A Hike back to WS Lagoon at the end of a long day of touring to watch Illuminations. Boo. Maybe for lunch after a Sorin FP? You could also skip over to the Boardwalk area and check out Flying fish, Yachtsman Steakhouse, the new Italian spot (name escapes me), or Beaches and Cream.

Also-another vote for Yak & Yeti. It's theming is almost jarringly impressive & I've yet to have a bad meal here. Can't say the same for Pizzafari.... :p Tusker House is great for breakfast, especially one of those that is pre-opening hours (I would recommend the same with Crystal Palace).

I also like eating at the monorail resorts for breakfast when I'm going to be in MK (Kona, Captain Cooks, Roarking Fork, Whispering Canyon) or eating at Animal Kingdom Lodge for dinner after a day at Animal Kingdom (Sanna, Jiko or Boma), just to mix it up and see the resorts we haven't stayed at.
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