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Simba in the Festival of the Lion King: puppet or animatronic?


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OK I'm sorry if I expressed myself wrong... What I meant to said is I THINK, with my observation that this is the way they done it.

I made the same observation and thats wath lead me to my previous theory

I don't know for sure, but I think maybe the heary head could come off easily.

This is just some hypothetic theorys based on my observations. I never said that I know the absolute truth.

Looking at the picture above, there could be something hidden under his mane.


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I first questioned this when I saw Simba giving hi fives to some of the performers. My Coordinator used to be in the show and told me Simba has a "friend" that helps him perform.


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For this one, particulary, the pupeter kind of stand in Simba. The persons feets stand in the frond paws. Is ''behind'' rest on a ''behind rester'' in Simba body. The hand and upper body move the head the mouth and, I think' the eyes.

Yep you are right. I have a friend that works on that show. Basically, the head is not on and it only goes up to the chest when they get in. Then the mane is brought in and velcro-ed in. Then they lower the head on (Which actually isn't on their head, it's more like chest up.) and they are done. Simba has a camera in his nose and a video screen in the head.


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It's a puppet. My parents once ran into acquaintances when the show was over, and they got to talking. My brother and I were left waiting, and the floats with the characters were still on stage. I faced Simba, waved, and he reacted, moved his feet, and bowed to me.


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I definitely know it's a puppeteer inside because when we saw it a few weeks ago, a kid waved at Simba and he waved back with his paw, and it didn't happen any other time. He also did things that were targeted to specific children who were picked to help dance.
Ok, sorry this is a really old thread, but I was browsing the "How do they do it" forums,and omg this Simba is simply amazing imo. I'm definitely going to have to go to this show if I ever go to WDW again.

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