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Silver Pass January Dates question


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Because of the Science Fair and sports tournaments we can not travel the last week in January this year. We are looking at traveling January 1st through the 6th.
1st question with our silver AP we are blacked out until the 3rd. Does Disney ever move up Black out dates?
2nd question when do the Hoilday crowds leave?


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Those dates are blocked because Disney expects them to still be very busy. Many schools won't be back in session until Monday of the following week. Historically there has been a marathon that first weekend of January as well. I don't think you'll see them change those dates.


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They have occasionally dropped black out dates, I think they changed them recently for the closure of GMR/Energy just to let the APs visit those one last time before they closed. But it is pretty rare. And that is known to be a busy time, you get the tail end of NYE/holiday travelers. I'd be shocked if that changed.