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shopDisney news

Magic Crush Drop

Original Poster
So I was looking around shopDisney and found out some news

* They are not selling anything that is limited release/ limited edition merchandise instore

* No daily opening ceremony or events

* They are reopening the Disney stores depending on your area

The rest of the news was expected (need to wear a mask to be inside, cleaning happens more often, etc).


Well-Known Member
Damn shop disney has a pretty sweet coupon giving you 25% off for any online purchase, went looking for any deluxe lightsabers but to my surprise all of them were sold out, would had been sweet to snatch a couple with the coupon!!! But at least i got my fix by going to the disney outlet store, they had some sweet deals on shirts i saw back in march of this year!


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The 2021 Poster Calendar is now available. Although I'm at WDW next week, I decided not to wait and order mine now from ShopDisney.

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