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Several Fantastic Cast Members


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I'm super bad with names but I met so many nice cast members that stood out to me yesterday. I went to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party so all of these lovely people were at Magic Kingdom pretty much.

First of all, I'd like to thank the cast members portraying Rapunzel, Flynn/Eugene, Tiana, Naveen, and the lovely lady that told me how she geeked out when I entered that room.
I dressed as Varian from Tangled: The Series and didn't get much recognition that night (not that I was expecting to) but they all made me feel incredibly special and at least Raps, Flynn, and the other lovely cast member recognized what I was going for. Not sure if Tiana and Naveen did or not but they were also super sweet and fun and literally just everyone in that room was so nice. It was so much fun and I just had the time of my life. That was definitely the highlight of my entire trip.

I'd also like to thank the cast member working at the Dole Whip place in Adventureland that also appreciated my costume. The float I had bought was given to me shortly afterwards and was about as long as my forearm. Idk if she had something to do with that or if they're all that big but the compliment was appreciated and the float was delicious.

I'd also like to thank two cast members working at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train close to closing that night. When I got near the front of the line one of the recognized my costume and asked me where Rapunzel was at. I told her I had seen Rapunzel earlier and showed her my autographed wanted poster of Flynn Rider from earlier in the evening. She then proceeded to work with another cast member to get me the best seat on the train. Totally unnecessary. They certainly didn't have to do that, but it was so nice that they did.

Another thank you to the nice lady working at the exit of the Mine Train, and two more nice cast members near the carousel that let me take a couple of pictures in the Tangled area while the park was closing down. Especially the one who escorted me over there and took some pictures for me.

Another thanks for the kind lady that had to deal with me at guest relations trying to cry over my lost, previously mentioned autographed, hand drawn wanted poster. I was trying so hard not to be whiny and to make sense of myself, but I probably failed miserably.

Another thanks to the two nice guys that directed me to the Polynesian to catch a Lyft and actually asked me if I was a cast member.

And one last, extra special thank you to the kind bus driver that saved me from being stranded when my Lyft app was not wanting to work.

As much as I screwed things up by loosing that poster, the cast members I encountered really did everything they could to make my night magical and I truly appreciate that. Disney magic is real, and would not be possible without the beautiful people there to bring it to life.

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