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Sesame Street Land


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I was really impressed with this area, more so than I ever thought I would be. It still bothers me it has nothing to do whatsoever with sea world though.
It is strange they did go with Bay of Play like at San Diego's park..But, perhaps it's taking theming to a different perspective as a Mini Sesame Place..If I recall there was a rumor they were to make another Sesame Place as a separate park similar to the one in Pennsylvania.


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When I was about 5 years old, we had planned to visit Sesame Place for the day as part of a road trip up north. Arrived at the parking lot, it was storming like crazy, and either they had closed the park due to weather or my parents lied and said it was. Either way, it’s still a joke between my parents and I, that they “deprived” me of visiting (we never made it back).

I have an 8 month old daughter, and I’m more excited about the prospect of visiting this new land myself than I am taking her, lol! We let our Sea World/Busch Gardens AP lapse a few years ago, but I want to get them again within the next year. I agree it has no business being in an aquatic theme park, but it’s sold me on visiting again! 😂
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